Sidney Crosby said he did not mock P.K. Subban’s terrible breath

NASHVILLE – Sidney Crosby has denied making fun of P.K. Subban’s breath after Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Final, in a sentence we never anticipated ever having to write.

“Yeah, he made that up. I didn’t say that,” said Crosby on Sunday, one day after Subban accused the Pittsburgh Penguins star of mocking his dank mouth during an verbal altercation at the end of the Nashville Predators’ 5-1 win.

Subban said on an NBCSN interview that Crosby had mocked his oral hygiene.

“I’ve done two interviews already, and I’ve said the same thing in the other two,” said Subban after Game 3. “Usually when guys chirp after the game or during the game, it’s usually about your game or something personal. He went on to tell me that my breath smelled bad, and I really don’t understand why, because I use Listerine before the game. I thought my breath smelled great. But at the end of the day, we’re just going to take the win and move on.”

On Sunday, Subban feigned shock when informed that his comments after Game 3 would inevitably lead to questions to Crosby about his stanky pie hole later in the day.

“Are you guys gonna ask him that? Well, it’ll be interesting to see if he says what he said last night,” said Subban.

Crosby said he didn’t say what Subban said he said.

“He likes the attention,” said Crosby.

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