Shoppers Say This $14 K-Beauty Toner Gives Skin a "Gorgeous Glow"

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Its ingredients are a trifecta of anti-aging powerhouses.

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Amazon / InStyle

Of K-beauty’s seemingly endless skincare innovations, essences and toners have proven astonishingly effective in my skincare routine. Admittedly, many of my favorite formulas cost a pretty penny — which is why I was instantly perplexed when I stumbled across a reviewer-revered Korean toner at Amazon, where it’s on sale for $14. According to shoppers, the Beauty of Joseon Ginseng Essence Water delivers on its claims — glowing, hydrated, firm skin, to name a few. And after delving into its ingredients, I’m entirely convinced.

The Beauty of Joseon Ginseng Essence Water is a waterlight, layerable skin-soother that hydrates and simultaneously brightens, firms, and purifies. Though suitable for all, it’s ideal for oily skin types and functions particularly well in hot, sweaty weather to keep skin clear yet hydrated without any semblance of sticky residue. True to its name, ginseng is the star ingredient — though it’s bolstered by a pair of additional powerhouses, niacinamide and adenosine, making this essence a trifecta of potent ingredients that boost virtually any skincare routine.



Shop now: $14 (Originally $19);

Found at an impressive 80 percent concentration in this formula, ginseng offers numerous skin benefits. As dermatologist Dr. Zion Ko Lamm previously told InStyle, “It promotes elasticity and is a great natural way for us to rebuild, rejuvenate, and regenerate our skin barrier.” Furthermore, the root can “support collagen formation,” clinical nutritionist Jessica Sepel previously shared with InStyle, in addition to improve circulation and blood flow when applied topically — hence the essence’s glow factor.

An additional radiance-boosting ingredient, niacinamide, soothes inflammation, brightens hyperpigmentation, and even reduces the appearance of age-related skin changes like uneven tone and texture. It’s formulated at 2 percent in the essence water — within the ingredient’s  sweet spot for efficacy, according to cosmetic chemist Gloria Lu (concentrations range between 2 and 5 percent).

Lesser-known in the formula yet equally worth noting from an anti-aging standpoint is adenosine — a byproduct of adenosine triphosphate, otherwise known as ATP. Simply put, adenosine revs up cellular functioning to boost collagen production, thereby fading fine lines and plumping skin over time.

From an application perspective, this lightweight, fragrance-free liquid can easily incorporate into any existing skincare regimen. Moreover, it’s layerable, fast-absorbing, and devoid of stickiness or residue, shoppers say.

According to another reviewer, the toner delivers a “gorgeous glow.” Says another, their skin is “feeling firmer” as a result of using the essence, while one more shopper who claims to have “extremely oily” skin says they “can’t live without it,” noting it’s “worth every penny.” At $14, this rings particularly true.

For a glow-inducing, skin-firming toner that’s beloved by shoppers, shop the Beauty of Joseon Ginseng Essence Water while it’s on sale at Amazon to experience the benefits of its many dermatologist-approved ingredients.

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