Shelter Dog Rescues Elderly Owner Shortly After Getting Adopted: 'She Really Is Our Hero'

Ruby, the German shepherd/Labrador Retriever mix, brought help to her owner when the man fainted and fell into a ditch

Courtesy Dogs Trust
Courtesy Dogs Trust

After her owner saved her life by adopting her from an animal shelter, Ruby the rescue dog returned the favor and saved her new pet parent.

According to Dogs Trust Salisbury, Peter Bradley and his partner Debbie Ackers from Dorset, England, recently adopted Ruby from the U.K. animal rescue.

It didn't take long for the 5-year-old German shepherd/Labrador retriever mix to prove her worth to her new pet parents. Shortly after her adoption, Ruby and Bradley were out on a walk when Bradley fainted due to low blood sugar.

Bradley fell to the ground and into an 8-foot-deep watery ditch, where he could not get up. Following the incident, Ruby flipped to hero dog mode and stayed beside Bradley while barking for attention.

"I woke up and had no idea where I was or what had happened. I could feel my boots filling up with water but could not find the strength to move. I could hear Ruby barking; she was making sure someone found me; that is a sure thing. Once I found some strength, I tried to climb out, but I could not as the sides were wet," Bradley said in a statement recounting the accident.

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Courtesy Dogs Trust
Courtesy Dogs Trust

Ruby's loyalty and quick thinking worked; someone nearby heard her barking and showed up to check in on the commotion.

"If Ruby had not barked as she did, I could have been there for an awfully long time without anyone knowing I was missing," the man added.

Bradley got out of the ditch with help from those who responded to Ruby's barks. Not long after he fainted and fell, Bradley fainted again, and once again, Ruby stayed by his side.

"I must have fainted again at home, and the next thing I knew, my friend was beside me. He found me out like a light and Ruby lying over me. He called paramedics," Bradley explained.

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Courtesy Dogs Trust
Courtesy Dogs Trust

"Ruby continued to protect me and let the paramedics assist once she knew they were there to help. I did not want to go to the hospital, so thankfully, the nurses treated me at home instead. With the nurses and Ruby continuing to look after me, I am much better now," he added.

After an eventful few weeks with Ruby, Bradley does not doubt that he and the dog are meant to be.

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"Ruby has bonded with me and Debbie so well, and it feels like she has always been in our lives. We walk her every day and feel safe with her by our side," Bradley said.

"She really is our hero."

While Ruby has found her home, Dogs Trust Salisbury has plenty of hero pooches searching for families, which animal lovers can learn more about at the rescue's website.

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