Shelter cats met — and it was ‘love at first sight.’ Now, they need a home together

SPCA of Wake County

A struggling shelter cat met a new friend — and it was “love at first sight.”

Now, the North Carolina shelter said the two devoted feline pals, Ginny and Oswald, must be adopted together.

“In just a short time, they are attached at the hip,” the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) of Wake County wrote April 3 in a Facebook post. “We are touched that Ginny has been able to find friendship and love once again, and in dedication of that, we’re making sure Ginny won’t have to say anymore goodbyes.”

The two cats met after 8-year-old Ginny experienced a streak of “really bad luck” in recent months. Her owner died, so she and her feline brother Yoyo landed in the shelter, the SPCA wrote on social media and an online adoption profile.

But shelter workers discovered Yoyo had the coronavirus, and he also died. The recent losses left Ginny “depressed” and looking for comfort.

“She desperately wanted love and would try to nuzzle all the other cats in her room at the SPCA, only for them to swat or run away from her,” the Raleigh-area shelter wrote. “But then a new cat named Oswald was introduced to her communal room. And it was love at first sight.”

A photo posted online shows 6-year-old Oswald rubbing his face against Ginny’s. The two are described as “outgoing, friendly” cats that enjoy lounging just as much as playing.

“They’ll walk shoulder to shoulder, side by side around the room and entwine their tails,” Samantha Ranlet, a shelter spokesperson, told McClatchy News in a phone interview. “If one of them walks away, the other will come follow. We’re finding that they’re grooming each other a lot.”

The cats are waiting for their new home at the Purr Cup Cafe, a Raleigh coffee shop that lets customers spend time with adoptable pets.

“Normally a bonded pair is two cats that come to us from the same home or same litter who rely on each other for emotional support,” the shelter wrote. “But in this case, Ginny chose Oswald with all her heart.”

More details about the shelter’s adoption process can be found at

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