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Treasury Board President Anita Anand says any type of cyberattack can potentially erode trust in government institutions.

Anand's comments come as the federal government releases its new cybersecurity strategy.

She says a whole-of-government approach to cybersecurity is needed to protect computer systems and information banks against a growing variety of threats in cyberspace.

The strategy warns that the government is an attractive target due to its holdings of personal information, valuable research data and other sensitive material. (7)



A big change is expected today for those known as "Lost Canadians," when Immigration Minister Marc Miller tables legislation to extend citizenship rights to children born abroad.

Thousands lost access to citizenship rights as a result of the amendments to the Citizenship Act in 1977 and 2009.

Last year, the Ontario Superior Court found the current system unconstitutionally creates two classes of Canadians, and gave Ottawa until June 19th to fix the problem. (7)



Nova Scotia public school teachers have voted in favour of a contract agreement reached last month with the province.

The union representing Nova Scotia's 10-thousand public school teachers says members voted more than 80 per cent in support of the deal.

President Ryan Lutes says that the new agreement doesn't address all the challenges faced by schools, but it's a "solid stepping-stone to future progress."

The talks began after the union received an overwhelming strike mandate from 98 per cent of its members who voted. (7)


(Ont-Autism) (Audio: 023)

An Ontario mother says she is astounded that her autistic son has been referred to a trial for deep brain stimulation before getting access to publicly funded therapy.

Alexis Wilson says her family has gone into debt to pay for therapy out of pocket.

The family is one of thousands that struggle to access the Ontario Autism Program.

More than 60-thousand children are registered as looking for services.

As of the end of last year, only about 14-thousand had access to core therapy through the program. (7)


(BKW-WNBA-Toronto) (Audio: 044)

Toronto is getting a women's professional basketball team.

The first W-N-B-A team outside the U-S will start playing in May 2026.

It will be the W-N-B-A's 14th franchise, with the expansion Golden State Valkyries set to start play next year.

The franchise has been awarded to Kilmer Sports Ventures, led by Larry Tanenbaum.

He is also chairman of the board for Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, which owns the N-B-A's Raptors and the N-H-L's Maple Leafs. (7)



A Kenyan climber has been found dead on Mount Everest.

Officials in Nepal say the man's body was found near the summit.

It's unclear when the body will be recovered because the oxygen level is low at that altitude and it would be difficult for Sherpas to carry down.

Officials say out of the more than 450 climbers who have scaled the world's highest peak from the Nepali side this season, three climbers have been reported dead and four are still missing. (7)


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