THE SERVING LEADER of the Nation, Mr. Narsi Grewal

Being an army officer is a big task, fighting in the war without thinking once of one’s life is a big task but after taking retirement guiding people on the path of sales and marketing so that the unemployment vanishes and people can walk on the PATH of success is also actually a big task.

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We are going to talk about one of the servant of our nation, an ex-army officer and co-founder of SUCCESS SUPPORT SYSTEM, Mr. Narsi Grewal who has been honored by ‘RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS LEADERSHIP AWARD’0n 25 Jan 2020 by ASIAN -AFRICAN Chamber of Commerce & Industry, a non-profit recognized by Govt. of India, for his exemplary work in the field of providing Tools, Training, Seminar, Function, and Boot Camp training on Sales & marketing to Team for transformations in their life. The award was presented to Mr. Narsi Grewal by Dr. GD Singh, Founder & Chairman, AACCI, and His Excellency Mr. George Mkondiwa, H.E. Ms. Grace Akello, High Commissioner, Uganda together with Nigerian High Commissioner H.E. Maj gen Chris Sunday Eze and Mrs. Faduma Abdullahi Mohamud, Ambassador Somalia. Mr. Md Shafiul Alam, Councellor < Bangladesh High Commission in India, in a special ceremony conducted at TAJ HOTEL in New Delhi.

When a child gets decent grades in the exam and is praised by the teachers and given a certificate of excellence then the child’s confidence and motivation get boosted. In the same way, if you work hard and get recognition and award then you become more loyal to YOUR EFFORTS and work harder.

Speaking on his spectacular achievement, Mr. Narsi Grewal, said, “Having spent years in the service of my country, I feel honored to receive the “Responsible Business Leadership Award” from His and Her Excellency, High Commissioner and Ambassadors and I’m humbled to receive their blessings. This achievement gives me new motivation to strive further and spread the message of Transformation in the life of professionals in the field of sales and marketing which is the backbone of trade and commerce. ”

Born and brought up in the city of Rohtak district, Mr. Narsi Grewal completed his schooling in his village - Marodhi Jattan, and higher education itself during service as a private candidate. He started his career by serving the country through the Indian Army, during his tenure in the Army; he had to be stationed at the border front several times. He was posted in J & K and actively participated in the Kargil War during 1998 to 1999 and won the meritorious medal during WAR. After service in the army for around 19 years 03 months, he took retirement to pursue other means of serving his country and his people.

It needs a big heart, courage, and immense dedication to think of the welfare of India throughout your journey of life and all these traits are in Mr. Narsi Grewal who continually works for the goodwill of our country.

He spent 18 years in the direct selling industry and grew his DISTRIBUTION NETWORK SPREADING ACROSS Four millions of people AND GROWING EVERY SECOND. Seeing his dedication and hard work, everyone followed him as a mentor. He was amazed to see how direct marketing MODEL can help & make people financially independent. Mr. Grewal also realized that unemployment and lack of SALES knowledge are the primary cause of worry for most Indian many citizens due to which, they have to live an extremely difficult life. Mr. Grewal, having seen the real power of Human transformation in his own team, decided to launch his idea in the form of a “SUCCESS SUPPORT SYSTEM” organization named, "SUCCESS FOREVER SUPPORT SYSTEM, for providing Tools and Training to aspiring people in his team.

Today, millions of people from all over the country are using the superior products of his organization to get Success In life. They also make good earnings for themselves by making people aware of the benefits of Sales and marketing by use of products and recommending these products to others. Mr. Grewal is also co-author of the Book named - “PRAGATISUTRA”, and more than one million books have been sold on sales and marketing business.
Everyone must have listened to this notion, ‘Where there is a will there is a way’ and Mr. Narsi Grewal has made another notion without knowing himself for us that,’ Where there is a strong motive and will, the way to the success road build by itself.’
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