See which of your favorite “FBoy Island” stars are leading the renamed spinoff, “Lovers and Liars”

Fan faves Casey Johnson, Benedict Polizzi, and CJ Weathers return for their chance to sus out who's looking for love and who's looking for cash.

Nice gals and FGirls, it's time for a rebrand: you will henceforth be known as Lovers and Liars!

EW can exclusively reveal the three leads of the FBoy Island spinoff formerly known as FGirl Island — and they're all familiar faces. FBoy Island season 1's Casey Johnson, season 2's Benedict Polizzi, and season 3's CJ Weathers will be tasked with deciding who of the 24 women that join them are looking for love, and who are just in it for the chance to win $100,000.

If you're caught up on the title switch from FGirl Island to Lovers and Liars, don't worry. In the exclusive video below, host Nikki Glaser is a little bit, too: "One might think this show is called FGirl Island, but it's not, you silly goose. You wish!"

"All of us are immensely proud to present Lovers and Liars, a show that is definitely not FGirl Island," executive producer Elan Gale tells EW. "Honestly, we have no idea where that rumor came from. We've never even heard of her. She doesn't even go here."

The men are looking forward to flipping the script on the FBoy Island format. "It feels a whole lot better when 24 girls are dating YOU," Benedict — who made it to the finale of season 2 as a Nice Guy and made a second appearance in season 3 as an FBoy — tells EW, adding that "it's a relief knowing I'm not gonna get eliminated just [because] of my resting FBoy face."

CJ calls Lovers and Liars a "full 360" from his experience on FBoy Island. "I was in control of my destiny and could make a decision," he tells EW. Casey adds that while it was nice not to be worried about being sent home, there was now "a fear or picking the wrong girl, which is equally worrisome."

<p>The CW</p> Benedict, CJ, Casey

The CW

Benedict, CJ, Casey

Casey says it became difficult to know who was there for money and who was there for a relationship once he started catching feelings. "Most red flags fly out the window," he says.

No matter what the show is titled, one thing is sure. In the words of Casey: "Love man, it never gets any easier."

Lovers and Liars premieres Thursday, April 11, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW, with a special preview airing on April 1.

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