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The International Organization for Migration on Sunday has increased its estimate of the death toll from a massive landslide in Papua New Guinea to more than 670.

Meanwhile, emergency responders are moving survivors to safer ground as tons of unstable earth and tribal warfare, which is rife in the Papua New Guinea Highlands, threaten rescue efforts.

The South Pacific island's government is considering whether it needs to officially request more international support. (2)



Ontario's premier is calling an early morning shooting at a Jewish elementary school in Toronto yesterday a gross display of antisemitism.

Police say two suspects shot at the building from a dark-coloured vehicle, which was not on school property.

Investigators say nobody was injured in the shooting.

In Doug Ford's post on social media, he also asked for anyone with information to contact Toronto police -- adding "These cowards need to be found and brought to justice." (2)



A meeting is set for today, between pro-Palestinian protesters who have been on the University of Toronto campus for three weeks and the school's administration.

The talks follow an offer by the university to deal with the student's demands -- which include the school cutting ties with Israel and divesting from companies profiting from Israel's offensive in Gaza.

Organizers say the university's offer is nothing more than an "ultimatum," with little meaningful response to their demands.

The students were also given a trespass notice, vowing to take "all necessary legal steps" if protesters did not clear out by Monday morning. (2)



Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was on the East Coast yesterday, where he spoke with leaders of Nova Scotia's Black community.

The private meeting, with about a dozen people at the Black Cultural Centre, capped a two-day swing through the province.

Just before the meeting began, Trudeau spoke briefly about the "particular challenges" facing the African Canadian community when it comes to health care.

He also spoke about his government's new pharmacare plan and its dental insurance plan. (2)



Mounties are investigating a report of a plane crash in the remote backcountry near Squamish, B-C.

The local R-C-M-P say they were informed of an automatic crash notification from a smartphone on Friday evening.

Search and rescue teams and the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre are working together as part of the investigation.

The latest update suggests that the police are not yet able to confirm any details about the crash, including whether anyone was killed or injured, due to the challenges of accessing the remote site. (2)


(US-Election-2024-Trump) (Audio: 004)

Donald Trump was booed repeatedly while addressing the Libertarian Party National Convention last night in Washington, D-C.

Many in the crowd shouted insults and decried him for his COVID-19 policies, running up towering federal deficits, and lying about his political record.

As the insults continued, former U-S president eventually hit back, saying -- quote -- "You don't want to win."

Still, Trump asked for their votes.

Libertarians prioritize small government and individual freedoms. (2)


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