Scotland vs Hungary LIVE! Euro 2024 result, match stream and latest updates today

Scotland vs Hungary LIVE! Euro 2024 result, match stream and latest updates today

Scotland vs Hungary LIVE!

Hungary snatched a 100th-minute winner to beat Scotland 1-0 and put themselves in contention for a last-16 spot at Euro 2024 while condemning the Scots to yet another failure at a major tournament.

Kevin Csoboth's breakaway goal with the last kick off the match ensured Hungary finished third in Group A with three points while Scotland crashed out bottom with two, still to get through to the knockout phase of either the Euros or World Cup.

Hungary must wait to see whether they will qualify for the last-16 in one of the places reserved for the best four third-placed finishers.

Their progress now rests on results from other groups going their way over the next three days.

Scotland vs Hungary updates

  • Barnabas Varga taken off on stretcher after worrying injury

  • Scotland denied late penalty

  • Kevin Csoboth nets 100th-minute winner

Hungary left hoping for help

22:34 , Marc Mayo

We have five more groups left to finish up before we know which of the third-placed teams will make it into the last-16.

But the knockout picture is starting to become clear...

Check out the group tables and schedule in full!


Barnabas Varga in stable condition

22:14 , Marc Mayo

The Hungarian national team have confirmed that Barnabas Varga is in a stable condition in hospital after that horror injury in the second half. Great news.

Watch the winning goal

22:10 , Marc Mayo

Scotland simply had to push bodies forward in their bid to score the winner - and Hungary took advantage.

Andrew Robertson gives his reaction

22:07 , Marc Mayo

“Nothing to say, we gave everything.

“It could have gone either way, that’s football. It will take a long time to get over this one.

“We had a lot of possession first half without doing anything with it. We had a lot of control but needed a cutting edge.

“We did go for it but we got sucker punched at the end. A draw wasn’t going to be enough so both teams went for it and unfortunately one of us had to lose.

“Tonight and for a long time we have to get over this. It’s a tough one. It’s devastating, there’s no buttering it up. We’re gutted.

“Thank you to the country. We felt everyone behind us, sorry for letting you down.”

GOAL! Scotland 0-1 Hungary | Csoboth, 90+10'

22:00 , Marc Mayo

Callum McGregor’s shot is closed down and Hungary clear...

In comes the cross.


Acres of space down the right and the cross finds Kevin Csoboth who provides a slick finish to send Hungary’s fans wild!


21:59 , Marc Mayo


Hungary snatch the latest of winners in Stuttgart.

Emotional scenes on the pitch, this will surely be for Barnabas Varga who went off with a worrying injury earlier on.

Scotland 0-0 Hungary | 90+9 mins

21:56 , Marc Mayo

Hungary’s need of a goal could suit Scotland here as they are leaving plenty of attackers up the pitch.

Grant Hanley nods a cross against Endre Botka’s chest - handball appeals fall on deaf ears.

Corner ball...

Scotland 0-0 Hungary | 90+8 mins

21:55 , Marc Mayo

Lots of space for both teams to attack into and Lewis Morgan has a shot closed down. Stuart Armstrong has to settle for winning a throw.

Deep cross and it’s worked to Grant Hanley... saved! Not far enough into the corner.

Scotland 0-0 Hungary | 90+6 mins

21:53 , Marc Mayo

The offside flag is up as Scott McTominay goes close, poking a low cross wide at the near post.

Scotland 0-0 Hungary | 90+2 mins

21:51 , Marc Mayo


That was the chance that they’ve waited all night for, Kevin Csoboth breaks free with acres of space and he hits the post.

Scotland 0-0 Hungary | 90+4 mins

21:51 , Marc Mayo

Foul on Scott McTominay and now it’s Scotland’s turn to pump the ball forward.

Stuart Armstrong’s cross is weak and Callum McGregor’s shot is blocked.

Eventually, Hungary win a goal kick.

Scotland 0-0 Hungary | 90+1 mins

21:48 , Marc Mayo

Martin Adam tees up Dominik Szoboszlai and again Angus Gunn has to make a save! Too close to him.

Then a deep cross sees another shot on the Scottish goal but it’s wide and the flag is up.

Scotland 0-0 Hungary | 90 mins

21:47 , Marc Mayo

Andras Schafer into the box and a shot to the near post is palmed wide by the keeper.

The corner is cleared as far as Schafer, who drills a shot wide.

We have TEN added minutes.

Scotland 0-0 Hungary | 89 mins

21:45 , Marc Mayo

Andrew Robertson hands over the Scotland armband to Callum McGregor and on comes Lewis Morgan. Kenny McLean to left-back.

Scotland 0-0 Hungary | 87 mins

21:44 , Marc Mayo

We’ll have a lot of stoppage time here and Grant Hanley is having a bit of treatment for a head blow now.

Milos Kerkez and Bendeguz Bolla head off with two changes at wing-back for Hungary. Zsolt Nagy and Kevin Csoboth on. That’s a forward-thinking move.

Scotland 0-0 Hungary | 83 mins

21:40 , Marc Mayo

Two more substitutions from Steve Clarke. Billy Gilmour and Anthony Ralston off for Kenny McLean and Ryan Christie. Interesting to see who goes right-back now.

Looks like Jack Hendry and a back four.

Scotland 0-0 Hungary | 80 mins

21:38 , Marc Mayo

Nothing doing from VAR for that penalty appeal.

Looked like Stuart Armstrong was doing so much to hold off the defender, he ended up so far away from the ball - which might have led to Willi Orban’s rather physical pressure being deemed legal.

If that’s given on the field, VAR certainly wouldn’t have overturned it.

Scotland 0-0 Hungary | 79 mins

21:35 , Marc Mayo

Scotland penalty shout turned down!

Big appeals as Stuart Armstrong breaks into the box, goes down under pressure but Facundo Tello says no.

Not sure about that, will need to see a replay.

Scotland 0-0 Hungary | 77 mins

21:33 , Marc Mayo

Hungary come forward but fail to create a shot on goal.

Scotland now move to their bench. John McGinn off, that’s a surprise, for Stuart Armstrong.

Che Adams off, that’s not a surprise, for Lawrence Shankland.


Scotland 0-0 Hungary | 75 mins

21:31 , Marc Mayo

So we’ll resume the game. No penalty from the VAR check.

Two Hungary changes as Marton Dardai heads off. Martin Adam replaces Barnabas Varga and Attila Szalai is also on.

Barnabas Varga taken off on a stretcher

21:30 , Marc Mayo

We had a close up of Barnabas Varga immediately after the collision, too difficult to report with any clarity exactly what he appeared to be suffering from though.

Hungary players quickly spotted him and called for the medics.

They have put up a protective barrier around him while being treated, hopefully just a precaution.

He’s being taken off on a stretcher now, applause from around the ground. The barrier is still up as he departs.

Scotland 0-0 Hungary | 71 mins

21:27 , Marc Mayo

We do have a VAR check going on for a potential penalty but the main focus is on Barnabas Varga here.

Replays a little bit inconclusive.

Scotland 0-0 Hungary | 70 mins

21:26 , Marc Mayo

Real concern over Barnabas Varga here. Medics bringing the stretcher on are being told to quicken their pace.

Scotland 0-0 Hungary | 68 mins

21:25 , Marc Mayo

Another set play, this time for Hungary. Feels like there have only been set plays tonight.

Angus Gunn rushes off his line and barely connects. Looks like a really nasty collision or two in there.

Medics rushing on. Barnabas Varga and Anthony Ralston both flattened, along with Gunn.

Scotland 0-0 Hungary | 65 mins

21:21 , Marc Mayo

Over the bar from Marton Dardai after a deep corner is recycled into the box.

Half a chance, he actually jumped too early and headed it onto his shoulder.

Scotland 0-0 Hungary | 64 mins

21:20 , Marc Mayo

Another Scottish roar as Che Adams chases a good through ball into the box, they win a corner but the flag is up for offside.

Every single bit of Tartan Army momentum has been quickly shot down tonight, often by themselves.

Scotland 0-0 Hungary | 61 mins

21:17 , Marc Mayo

Into the last half hour and Scotland have rallied a teeny tiny bit in the last few minutes.

Hungary respond with Adam Nagy replacing Callum Styles in their midfield.

Scotland 0-0 Hungary | 59 mins

21:15 , Marc Mayo

Good work by John McGinn down the right and Scotland have a bit of space in the box for the first time all night.

A low cross is cleared out for a throw and the blue wall behind the goal stirs into life again.

Scotland 0-0 Hungary | 56 mins

21:13 , Marc Mayo

A first proper roar of the night from the Tartan Army as a Hungarian pass is closed down.

But Hungary then break and Anthony Ralston slips at trying to intercept a pass. Roland Sallai’s shot is blocked and out for a corner.

A good delivery, it comes to nothing nonetheless.


Scotland 0-0 Hungary | 53 mins

21:10 , Marc Mayo

A first Scottish shot of the night as Che Adams cuts inside from outside the box and flies an effort over.

Scotland 0-0 Hungary | 51 mins

21:07 , Marc Mayo

Scott McTominay booked for arriving second to a 50-50 with Marton Dardai.

That’s a booking and a one-game ban for the midfielder, should Scotland make the last-16.

Scotland 0-0 Hungary | 50 mins

21:06 , Marc Mayo

Dominik Szoboszlai flicks a ball into a crowd of players inside the box and Roland Sallai spins a shot at goal. Angus Gunn gathers the dribbling effort without issue.

Scotland 0-0 Hungary | 49 mins

21:05 , Marc Mayo

Endre Botka loops a long throw into the box and Scotland clear fairly easily.

A second go moments later earns a corner off Scott McKenna’s head. Easy out by Grant Hanley.

Scotland 0-0 Hungary | 47 mins

21:03 , Marc Mayo

The big question is whether Scotland will throw some more chips on the table or continue to keep their cards close to their chest.

Not going to lie, always though Steve Clarke tends the favour the latter...


21:01 , Marc Mayo

Hungary out first and Scotland get the ball rolling in Stuttgart.

No changes as the second half begins.

Group A as it stands

21:00 , Marc Mayo

Switzerland are topping Group A with 45 minutes left to play.

Dan Ndoye’s goal in Frankfurt has them leading Germany, who are going through as runners-up as it stands.

Scotland sit third on two points and a minus-four goal difference. That won’t be enough to qualify. Likewise Hungary, who are fourth with this draw currently giving them their only point.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Hungary growing into the game

20:56 , Marc Mayo

It has been a physical, patient display from Hungary who are happy to sit deep and land some big tackles on the Tartan Army.

It’s not really paid off yet as Willi Orban headed their only chance over - and he looked offside in any case.

They’ll probably have to come out and play a bit more after the break.

Scotland yet to have a shot

20:51 , Marc Mayo

Steve Clarke’s side have dominated possession with 62 per cent of the ball but they haven’t taken the risks or had the creativity to actually forge any shots on goal.

You’d have to say they edged that half but as it stands they’ve not done enough to win this game.


20:46 , Marc Mayo

Dominik Szoboszlai fires a wayward shot over the bar from 20 yards out and that’s the break.

Scotland 0-0 Hungary | 45 mins

20:46 , Marc Mayo

One added minute.

Scotland 0-0 Hungary | 44 mins

20:45 , Marc Mayo

Jack Hendry and Andras Schafer fly in for a 50-50 and the call goes against the Hungarian.

Hendry was certainly there first, good spot by the referee. Yellow card for Schafer.

Plenty of Hungary fouls in this half, John McGinn was won five alone and has more than any other player at the Euros with nine in total.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Scotland 0-0 Hungary | 41 mins

20:41 , Marc Mayo

Che Adams attempts an overhead kick to clear the ball just outside his own D, and concedes another free-kick as Barnabas Varga dives in with a header.

Dominik Szoboszlai dinks it in... Willi Orban unmarked at the far post and he heads over!

Wouldn’t have counted, clearly offside.

Scotland 0-0 Hungary | 35 mins

20:40 , Marc Mayo

Roland Sallai fires only the third shot of the game, volleying a bouncing ball from outside the box and on the spin, way off target.

Scotland 0-0 Hungary | 38 mins

20:39 , Marc Mayo

That was a decent little spell for Hungary but Scotland are back in charge of the ball and Scott McTominay fights to forge something from an Anthony Ralston cross.

It’s cleared before John McGinn’s cross is easily grabbed by the keeper.

Scotland 0-0 Hungary | 33 mins

20:33 , Marc Mayo

A bit of head tennis sees Scotland clear.

We’ve had the first twist of the evening then, the Group A table does not favour either of these teams with under an hour of football left to be played.

Scotland 0-0 Hungary | 32 mins

20:32 , Marc Mayo

Che Adams concedes a foul on Callum Styles in a really decent shooting position.

Dominik Szoboszlai will strike this, about 30 yards out and just to the right of the centre of the goal...

Off the wall. Corner.

Switzerland lead in Frankfurt

20:30 , Marc Mayo

Germany losing in the other Group A game. Bad news for Scotland’s slim chances of snatching second place tonight.

Scotland 0-0 Hungary | 28 mins

20:28 , Marc Mayo

Scotland give it away and concede a corner via Milos Kerkez’ cross, which hurts Anthony Ralston as he makes the block.

The Tartan Army boo Dominik Szoboszlai as he trots over to take.

It goes short, he gets it back... cleared.

Scotland 0-0 Hungary | 27 mins

20:27 , Marc Mayo

Willi Orban leaves one on John McGinn after the ball had gone and that’s yellow card number two for Hungary.

We’ve have more bookings than shots in this opening quarter of the game, which says a lot.

Scotland 0-0 Hungary | 25 mins

20:25 , Marc Mayo

Hungary have had just 23 per cent of possession so far - but the only shot.

Scotland 0-0 Hungary | 22 mins

20:22 , Marc Mayo

Good work from John McGinn to steal possession off Milos Kerkez and win a foul in the final third, wide on Scotland’s right.

Andrew Robertson with an in-swinger. Awful ball. Cleared by the first man.

Scotland 0-0 Hungary | 21 mins

20:21 , Marc Mayo

Jack Hendry opts not to swing a cross into the box from the right flank as Scotland play it patiently and soon enough John McGinn holds off his marker to cross... too deep.

Scotland 0-0 Hungary | 18 mins

20:18 , Marc Mayo

Callum Styles booked for a rash lunge on John McGinn. No doubt paying the price for Hungary’s numerous fouls totting up, he can’t argue with that.

Scotland 0-0 Hungary | 15 mins

20:15 , Marc Mayo

Scotland in control of this one without being able to create a chance just yet.

Scotland 0-0 Hungary | 10 mins

20:10 , Marc Mayo

That was a good look at how Hungary want to play tonight, they clearly reckon they can get at Scotland on the counter-attack and aren’t worried by their ability to create against a deep defence.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Scotland 0-0 Hungary | 8 mins

20:09 , Marc Mayo

Angus Gunn spills a long-range shot but gathers the rebound!

It all started from a lovely Che Adams flick-on up the other end but Hungary mopped up and broke well, Callum Styles with a sweet switch of the play before a Bendeguz Bolla effort is too close to the keeper.

Gunn didn’t make the cleanest save but it did the job.

Scotland 0-0 Hungary | 7 mins

20:07 , Marc Mayo

We’ve had some meaty challenges landed on Scottish legs already with Scott McTominay just upended by Endre Botka.

Referee Facundo Tello, the only non-European official at the tournament, delivers some stern words before the latest Scotland free-kick is cleared.

Scotland 0-0 Hungary | 3 mins

20:03 , Marc Mayo

The Scottish wing-backs are very wide and high up the pitch as they settle into some early possession.

Hungary happy to sit in and have an early free-kick into the box to defend. Headed clear and they have a foul of their own.

Scotland 0-0 Hungary | 1 min

20:01 , Marc Mayo

We had the big countdown from ten and Hungary boot it long... but we’ll have to redo the kick-off as one of their players started running far too early.

Finally underway, Scotland win a foul inside their own half.

Scotland vs Hungary | Kick-off!

19:59 , Marc Mayo

It’s time to decide the fate of Group A.

One of these teams will be going home tonight. They both will if they draw.

Scotland and Hungary face off with it all on the line!


Time for the national anthems

19:58 , Marc Mayo

We start with the Hungarian anthem ‘Himnusz’, a gentle tune which rises to a big finish and is well sung by their packed end of fans. It’s then Scotland’s go with ‘Flower of Scotland’.

Such immense volume, they’ve fully outnumbered their opponents tonight.

Here come the teams!

19:53 , Marc Mayo

Dominik Szoboszlai and Andrew Robertson lead the two teams out behind tonight’s referee, Facundo Tello of Argentina.

Ten-minute warning!

19:50 , Marc Mayo

These Scotland fans are ready for kick-off... are you?!

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Group A wraps up tonight

19:45 , Marc Mayo

We’ll keep you up to date with the goals and whatnot from Frankfurt where Germany and Switzerland face off.

Not expecting it to be massively impactful on this game, unless there becomes a chance for Scotland to leapfrog the Swiss as we just mentioned.

How can Scotland qualify for the last-16?

19:40 , Marc Mayo

It will likely be a case of Scotland relying on a third-placed finish to reach the last-16.

If they win, Switzerland will have to lose with a six-goal swing in goal-difference for them to grab second place in Group A.

Defeat means they are out and a draw will leave them on two points and a poor goal difference, almost certainly sending them home.

But a win will move them to four points, which has always been enough to reach the knockouts since the Euros allowed the top four third-placed teams to progress.

Of course it’s no guarantee though, so potentially still a nervy wait to come even if they get the job done here.

Hungary simply have to win then hope three points will be enough as a third-placed team.

Dominik Szoboszlai threat must be contained

19:35 , Marc Mayo

One key element of tonight’s game will be how Scotland deal with Dominik Szoboszlai.

The Hungary captain will have a free role as one of two attacking midfielders behind striker Barnabas Varga.

That means a number of Scottish players will have to keep an eye on him, from the wing-backs to central midfielders and maybe even a centre-back stepping forward too.

Anthony Ralston and Jack Hendry could primarily by tasked with handling the Liverpool man but neither face players with the quality of Szoboszlai week in, week out. So it could be a case of doubling or tripling up on him.

The danger with that is Milos Kerkez, the Bournemouth wing-back, who was a big threat on the overlap down the left flank against Germany. Ignore him at your peril.


Scotland vs Hungary | Countdown to kick-off

19:30 , Marc Mayo

The warm-ups have begun in Stuttgart where we have a truly mega atmosphere.

Not many are waiting until kick-off to find their seats and we get underway in 30 minutes’ time!

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)
 (Martin Rickett/PA Wire)
(Martin Rickett/PA Wire)

How Hungary have fared so far

19:25 , Marc Mayo

The first 45 minutes of Hungary’s Euros campaign were just as bad as Scotland’s.

However, they did fight back against Switzerland in their first game before ultimately losing 3-1.

The Magyars then had their chances against Germany but silly defensive errors hurt them in a 2-0 defeat.


How Scotland have fared so far

19:20 , Marc Mayo

Scotland will hope to continue their upward trajectory this evening.

Well, not like they couldn’t have improved on a dismal 5-1 defeat to Germany to open their Euro 2024 campaign.

But, to be fair, they were a lot sharper against Switzerland as an early Scott McTominay goal was cancelled out by Xherdan Shaqiri in a 1-1 draw.

Barnsley star out to make Hungary mark

19:12 , Marc Mayo

There aren’t many players born in Bury who can claim to have represented Hungary at the European Championship.

In fact, there’s only one player who will be able to claim that come 8pm: Callum Styles.

The Barnsley midfielder will earn his 23rd cap for the Magyars having debuted in 2022, with his international career opened up via his grandparents’ Hungarian roots.

He also qualified for Ukraine and word got out after he produced the information as a fun fact for the Barnsley pre-match programme.

“Word gets around football quickly, somehow it reached Hungary, so they got in touch with the club and my agent,” Styles told The Guardian before Euro 2024.

“Weeks later I am getting a phone call from the manager, telling me that as soon as my passport was ready he wanted me in the next camp. I asked: ‘To watch?’ And he said: ‘No, to play, obviously.’ It was a wow moment. If there is a Barnsley programme subscriber in Budapest, thank you.

“I am using Duolingo, I am trying my best. It is not an easy language, let’s put it that way. It is difficult when you go over there but I am picking up quite a lot in camp but when that finishes I am back to England and everyone speaks English. It is easy to forget what you have learned because no one is speaking Hungarian around you.”

Two changes for Hungary

19:05 , Marc Mayo

Marco Rossi has handed Barnsley midfielder Callum Styles a start on his return from injury.

Hungary also include Endre Botka in their backline as Adam Nagy and Attila Fiola drop out.

Scotland team as expected

19:00 , Marc Mayo

Scott McKenna replaces the injured Kieran Tierney in the only change to Scotland’s team which started against Switzerland.

Scott McTominay and John McGinn will offer support to Che Adams in attack in a 3-4-2-1 system.

Scotland starting line-up

18:55 , Marc Mayo

Scotland XI: Gunn; Hendry, Hanley, McKenna; Ralston, Gilmour, McGregor, Robertson; McTominay, McGinn, Adams

Hungary starting line-up

18:54 , Marc Mayo

Hungary XI: Gulacsi; Botka, Orban, Dardai; Bolla, Styles, Schafer, Kerkez; Szoboszlai, Sallai; Varga

Time for the team news!

18:51 , Marc Mayo

We’re moments away from having our starting line-ups confirmed for tonight’s game.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Scotland hope to avoid Euro 2020 repeat

18:50 , Marc Mayo

Steve Clarke hopes Scotland have learned their European Championship lessons.

Clarke and his side were in the same situation in the delayed Euro 2020 after losing to the Czech Republic and drawing with England but they fell well short in their final game, losing 3-1 to Croatia at Hampden Park.

However, the Scotland boss believes he and his squad have used the intervening years wisely.

"We feel good," said Clarke. "We thought it might come down to needing to get something out of the last game in the group.

"We've been in this position before at the last tournament but hopefully we can show that we've learned a few lessons.

"There has been a lot of recovery, a lot of rest, hopefully some good information for the players. We had a really good training session this morning and when they cross the white line they have to put that information into practice and hopefully you see the results at the end.

"The players have got a hell of a lot more experience. If we can qualify more regularly for these tournaments, you understand what you're doing.

"I think we've done a lot of things right this time that maybe we didn't get quite right the last time. Hopefully when we get to the last game the proof of the pudding is in the eating if you like, so that's what we're after.

"Hopefully we go to the match tomorrow and we do what we're good at. If we do that we've got a chance."

Hungary boss admits pressure is high

18:37 , Marc Mayo

Marco Rossi believes Hungary and Scotland are both under pressure going into tonight’s clash in Stuttgart.

The Magyars have no points from their first two Group A games and need a win against the Scots to have any chance of qualifying for the knockout stages. Steve Clarke's men have one point from six.

"Given the results so far, no points from two games, we have no alternative other than winning if we want to progress," said Hungary boss Rossi.

"This is a decisive game for both teams and the pressure is equally on for us and Scotland. The pressure is on us and Scotland.

"I think Scotland are always aggressive. They tried to do that in their first two matches as well. As to whether they will still be, we'll see that tomorrow night. But I think we're in the same boat as Scotland. It's not just them who need three points, we do too. Coming away with maximum points might see us through to the knockout stage.

"If that doesn't happen, at least we can go away from Euro 2024 with three points, so our aim is exactly the same as Scotland.

"I think the Scottish team is dangerous in general because of their attitude, but they have some real quality players like John McGinn, Billy Gilmour and Scott McTominay. At the same time, we need to try and find the right mood to face them."

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Match odds

18:30 , Marc Mayo

Scotland: 13/8

Hungary: 6/4

Draw: 29/10

Odds via Betfair (subject to change).

Head-to-head record

18:23 , Marc Mayo

Matt Phillips scored the only goal in these teams’ last meeting, a friendly in Budapest six years ago.

Scotland wins: 3

Hungary wins: 4

Draws: 2

Scott McTominay goal threat vital as Scotland seek Euros history

18:15 , Marc Mayo

The stakes could not be higher for Scotland and Steve Clarke at Euro 2024.

His side have given themselves a fighting chance of making the knockout stages of a major tournament for the very first time.

All 11 previous tournament appearances have ended at the group stage, but beat Hungary in Stuttgart on Sunday and Scotland will be set for the round of 16.

Read our full match preview!

Great atmosphere in Stuttgart

18:06 , Marc Mayo

Both teams have been superbly supported in the Stuttgart sun today.

Hungary’s ultras have made their march to the stadium and we are set for a cracking atmosphere later on.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Scotland legend Alan Hansen discharged from hospital

17:55 , Marc Mayo

Good news for Scottish football this afternoon as Tartan Army and Liverpool legend Alan Hansen has been discharged from hospital.

The Reds had announced on June 9 that the former Scotland centre-back was “seriously ill”.

But, in a statement on Monday, Liverpool said the 69-year-old will “continue his recovery at home”

A message from the Hansen family read: “Alan has been discharged from hospital today to continue his recovery at home.

“Alan, Janet, Adam, Lucy and family would like to thank everybody for their wonderful messages of love and support.

“It has been overwhelming and has helped enormously. We also hugely appreciate the ongoing respect that has been shown for our privacy as Alan continues his recovery.”

Read the full story!

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Score prediction

17:44 , Marc Mayo

Hungary did look dangerous going forward at times against the Germans, while the Scots will miss Tierney.

Draw, 1-1.

How we think Hungary could line up

17:35 , Marc Mayo

Predicted Hungary XI: Gulacsi; Fiola, Orban, Dardai; Bolla, A. Nagy, Schafer, Kerkez; Szoboszlai, Sallai; Varga

Early Hungary team news

17:29 , Marc Mayo

Marco Rossi made two changes for Hungary’s defeat to Germany on Wednesday and came through without any fresh injuries.

Further adjustments in defence are unlikely despite the errors for Germany’s opening goal and the Magyars should persist with their 5-2-3 shape.

Our prediction for the Scotland team

17:22 , Marc Mayo

Predicted Scotland XI: Gunn; Hendry, Hanley, McKenna; Ralston, Gilmour, McGregor, Robertson; McTominay, McGinn, Adams

Early Scotland team news

17:15 , Marc Mayo

Ryan Porteous is suspended after his red card against Germany, while Kieran Tierney was taken off on a stretcher last time out and will miss the game.

Scott McKenna is set to replace the Arsenal man.

Billy Gilmour will keep his place in midfield after his impressive display against Switzerland.

How to watch

17:07 , Marc Mayo

TV channel: In the UK, the game will be televised live on BBC One, with coverage beginning at 7pm.

Live stream: Fans can also catch the contest live online for free via the BBC Sport and BBC iPlayer app and website.

Scotland vs Hungary LIVE!

16:58 , Marc Mayo

Hello and welcome to Standard Sport’s live coverage of Scotland vs Hungary!

Well here we are. A huge night for two nations at Euro 2024 as Group A draws to a close, with Scotland aiming to reach their first-ever knockout stage at a major tournament.

A win will be enough to send the Tartan Army through with Hungary having to rely on one of the best third-placed finishes as a best-case scenario.

Kick-off from Stuttgart Arena comes at 8pm BST.

Join us for all the build-up, team news, match action and reaction!

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)