SAP Emarsys Unveils AI Product Finder, Revolutionizing Customer Experience in Retail

In response to growing consumer demand for retailers and brands to deploy AI to improve the shopping experience, SAP Emarsys is rolling out an “AI Product Finder,” which the company describes as “a new tool that revolutionizes how brands recommend products and personalize their customer experiences.”

The company said the launch is in response to a significant rise in consumer demand for AI in commerce, “with SAP Emarsys data showing 64 percent of shoppers think artificial intelligence has improved their retail experiences — up from 51 percent in 2023.”

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SAP Emarsys, which has been a pioneer in the use of AI, said the product finder “will enable intuitive search of a brand’s extensive product catalogue, allowing marketers and retailers to quickly locate and incorporate the most suitable products into their campaigns.”

The release of the AI Product Finder also comes at a time when retailers and brands have been trying to figure out how to use generative AI without sending shoppers off to other sites and products. The AI Product Finder recommends products exclusively to the brand or retailers.

“Provided as an out-of-the-box solution for email marketing campaigns, the new Product Finder is designed to revolutionize how marketers find and recommend relevant products,” the company said in a statement, adding that marketers are now “empowered to work more efficiently by scaling creation of highly curated product content that improves message relevancy and engagement.”

SAP Emarsys said it has reaffirmed its commitment to the EU AI Act.
SAP Emarsys said it has reaffirmed its commitment to the EU AI Act.

Unpinning this rollout is a commitment by SAP Emarsys to improve omnichannel retailing through greater personalization, said Joanna Milliken, chief executive officer of SAP Emarsys, adding the firm is committed “to a relevant, reliable and responsible approach to AI, which is giving marketers the freedom to innovate and reimagine what is possible in this new era of marketing. By infusing AI into everything we do, SAP Emarsys will help our customers save time and effort on complex tasks, so they can focus on ROI and delighting their customers.”

Milliken also said SAP Emarsys has reaffirmed its commitment to the EU AI Act, which establishes a legal framework for developing and using AI systems. “Customer privacy is at the heart of all our AI developments,” the CEO said. “In our latest AI focus group, several leading brands outlined their concerns about data use and AI in marketing. Our continued research shows consumers and marketers have similar concerns. SAP Emarsys has responded with our commitment to uphold the highest standards of effective, efficient data privacy and want to voice our support for the EU AI Act.”

Regarding SAP Emarsys’ consumer research about AI, researchers at the company found that 35 percent of consumers polled believe AI has made shopping easier, which is up from 32 percent in 2023’s poll. “Nearly a third (31 percent) also feel that AI is helping to make their retail experiences more personal (up from 27 percent), while 35 percent say AI helps them to find new products (up from 33 percent),” the company said.

The survey also revealed that 72 percent of U.S. marketers have bolstered their investments in AI, and of those, 78 percent “attribute a boost in customer engagement to AI, while 75 percent report a boost in customer loyalty.”

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