The Rookie Costco Mistake That Is Way Too Easy To Make

Costco Shopping Cart
Costco Shopping Cart - Andykatz/Getty Images

If shopping at Costco leaves you feeling a tad overwhelmed, you are not alone. As exciting as shopping at Costco is with its ever-rotating inventory at a great price, many members have those moments where they feel lucky enough to get out in one piece. On those days when the checkout counter is a sight for sore eyes, don't forget that you have one more job to do in-store before you can fully relax.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make while shopping at Costco is tossing your receipt before you have left the building. Just like a membership card is your ticket into the warehouse, your receipt is your ticket out with your newest haul in hand. A Costco receipt checker will often be standing near the exit of the store waiting to take a look at your receipt. An extra friendly employee may make conversation while cross-referencing your receipt with the items in your cart, marking it up with a little smiley face in highlighter once they have decided you are good to go. If you have a habit of crumpling up your receipt into your pocket or the depths of your purse, you'll likely be holding up the exit line while fumbling for that little slip of paper. As annoying as this may be at the moment, this policy is in place to protect the customer as well as the store.

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There's A Good Reason Why Costco Checks Receipts At The Exit

Shopper looking at receipt
Shopper looking at receipt - Andresr/Getty Images

Costco claims that their receipt checking is for the member's benefit: "We do this to double-check that the items purchased have been correctly processed by our cashiers... [and] to ensure that our members have been charged properly for their purchases." (Via Costco). They also use it as a form of "inventory control," as well as a defense against theft.

Luckily for those who tend to throw away receipts right after checkout, there is still a way to retrieve your proof of purchase. According to Costco's website, purchases are documented on customer accounts, and transactions less than two years old can be accessed online. You can also visit the membership counter for a reprint of the receipt you are hoping to locate, whether it's from today or five years ago. Users on Reddit confirm that they have utilized both options after accidentally tossing their receipt aside, although they joked that you might get thrown into "Costco Jail." One user even teased that employees made them "sit in the meat freezer" as punishment for losing their receipt.

Keeping a record of your purchases is essential, especially at Costco. Thanks to their extra flexible return policy, proof of purchase is all you need to give back nearly any item you are not fully satisfied with -- even partially eaten food. You can also easily recover items that you have left behind at Costco as long as you have your receipt handy.

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