‘Remarkable progress.’ Louisville officer shot at bank is now walking, family says

The Louisville police officer who was injured in a mass shooting at Old National Bank in April has started walking again with the support of a harness as he regains strength in his legs, the Louisville Metro Police Department said in an update Thursday.

Nickolas Wilt is showing “remarkable progress in his recovery,” according to a release from his family on the LMPD Facebook page.

Wilt is also responding more consistently to yes and no questions, indicating improvement in his cognitive function, the post said. He is also “brushing his teeth with minimal assistance,” showing an increasing level of independence.

The family said the support and prayers for Wilt have been crucial in his recovery.

“Officer Wilt’s progress is truly inspiring, and his determination is a testament to his resilience,” the post said. “The journey towards full recovery may still be ongoing, but every day brings new advancements and achievements.”

Five people were killed during the shooting on April 10 that injured Wilt. The shooter, Connor Sturgeon, was an employee at the bank. He was also killed by police during the shooting.