The Regrowth Shampoo Shoppers Say Adds “Volume, Thickness, and Fullness” Is at Its Lowest Price in 3 Years

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Grab it for 30 percent off while you can.

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Hair loss can be a slow, gradual process. One day you may start noticing a few more hairs circling your drain and not think a lot of it — but a year later, that hair shedding could add up when you’re brushing through your once-thick locks. It’s not a fun realization, and often can feel like a “now what?” moment, but fortunately there are tons of tried-and-true hair growth products out there to help — like this on-sale thickening shampoo that 7,800 Amazon shoppers rely on.

Right now, Ultrax Labs’ Hair Surge Shampoo, a treatment designed to thicken thinning locks, is at its lowest price since 2020. While the $56 sale price might seem steep for a shampoo, many of the obsessed shoppers note that, even at full price, it’s “so worth every penny.” So why not grab it while it’s 30 percent off?



Shop now: $56 with coupon (Originally $80);

When InStyle tapped three board-certified dermatologists to get better insight on what makes a hair growth treatment effective, we found that Ultra Labs’ shampoo fit the bill on what you should be looking for thanks to a lineup of ingredients proven to slow loss and boost thickness. The Hair Surge Shampoo is formulated with caffeine, which Dr. Hayley Goldbach previously told InStyle “can decrease hair shedding,” as well as saw palmetto, an ingredient she said “ a few small studies showed…might help thicken hair.”

And according to customers, it does just that. “After a couple of weeks of using the shampoo…my hair started thickening and growing in spots that were previously balding,” wrote a shopper who said it increased the “volume, thickness, and fullness” of their hair. Another noted that it gave their locks “body” and “life” and even made strands “soft to the touch.” And per a 65-year-old shopper with thinning hair, the Ultrax shampoo made their mane “softer, thicker, and healthier” in just three weeks.

This Amazon shopper-favorite shampoo hasn’t been this steeply discounted in three years, so make sure to grab the treatment while it’s 30 percent off.

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