Ravens reveal their one-game-only 'Purple Rising' helmet, which should be worn full time

The Ravens have revealed the look for their 2024 alternate helmet, called
The Ravens have revealed the look for their 2024 alternate helmet, called "Purple Rising." (Baltimore Ravens)

A helmet is just a small part an NFL uniform, but sometimes it can make the biggest impact (both figuratively and literally).

The Baltimore Ravens released the look for their new "Purple Rising" alternate helmet on Tuesday, which will be worn for one game in 2024, and it's total fire. It's bathed in frosted purple, with two yellow "talon" stripes down the center and the fearsome shrieking raven on both sides.

The helmets look mighty fine with the all-purple unis, which Ravens receiver Tylan Wallace pointed out on social media.

The design is so different from what the Ravens normally wear on their heads (black helmets with the traditional raven logo on each side), but when they players first saw it, they instantly loved it.

"I know we look sweet, I don't even have to see it on camera," Zay Flowers said.

Brad Downs, Ravens senior vice president of marketing, said on a recent podcast that the focus was on trying to maintain the classic feel of their regular uniforms while giving the fans something new. It was challenging at times, with so many different options to choose from.

"We've thought about this for years," Downs said. "I think I had at least 14 options of helmets, and that doesn't even include swapping decals, locals, stripes. We narrowed it down to two, and this is the direction that we went."

The Ravens haven't announced which game will feature the technicolor helmets, presumably because it's an impossible choice. They should give up on picking one game and just let the players wear the "Purple Rising" helmets full time. They're simply too cool to keep locked up for 51 weeks a year.