Danny Green gets robbed in trip to Vancouver

Danny Green tried to cap off his year-long Canadian stint in the proper fashion, but ended up getting robbed instead.

The now-Lakers shooting guard, who helped lead Toronto to its first ever NBA title in June, ventured off to Vancouver for a little west coast flavour days after the Raptors championship celebration.

On the final episode of Inside The Green Room before Danny takes his talents to LA, Green enlightened the masses on his recent trip to B.C., which was low-lighted by him and some acquaintances getting their bags jacked from a parked car.

“Everything else was great on the camp tour, but there was one thing that didn't go great — we started off rocky in Vancouver.

“We booked the Airbnb, on the pictures it looks great, it always does — I stay in a hotel but a lot of guys stay in an Airbnb. They go to check in and we go to eat and they're like ‘yo we gotta change (Airbnb's) it's old, it's raggedy, it feels haunted,’" Green said.

"So we go check out the Airbnb and we go upstairs and we're there for about 10 minutes checking out the map like 'oh shit Canada has a lot of stuff going on,' we didn't know there was all this stuff. ... So we go back outside and we pretty much got robbed."

"Not robbed of everything, but two book bags gone — and one of the book bags had A LOT of stuff in it."

If you think Danny and the crew were just going to let it slide, well, think again.

“We ran the streets like savages looking for whoever took these book bags.

A 6-foot-6 NBA player and his crew running through Vancouver’s East Hastings neighbourhood checking people’s book bags for their stolen property — a storybook ending to Green’s time in the Great White North.

Oh ya, and there was that parade too.

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