Ranking the five best and worst MLB stadiums based on their Yelp reviews

San Francisco Giants pitcher Logan Webb (62) throws a pitch against the New York Yankees during the seventh inning at Oracle Park.
San Francisco Giants pitcher Logan Webb (62) throws a pitch against the New York Yankees during the seventh inning at Oracle Park.

Recently, USA Today ranked every ballpark in MLB. Now, given that I am employed by USA Today, I am obligated to say that their rankings are objectively the perfect list. It could not be better, but it is still an objective list.

Critics can come together and decide what they believe to be the best or worst ballpark experience, but what about the people that actually visit those ballparks regularly? Wouldn't they know better than anyone whether or not a ballpark is good or not? As immaculate as most rankings are, they pale in comparison to the thousands of fans who have gone out of their way to detail their experience in ballparks across America online.

Here are the five highest and lowest rated active ballparks in MLB, based on their Yelp reviews.

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MLB ballparks and their Yelp reviews

*All online reviews are as of Tuesday, June 4; any ties in ratings were given to the ballpark with more total reviews

Best Yelp reviews in MLB:

5) Wrigley Field, Chicago Cubs

Yelp Rating: 4.4

Total Reviews: 1715

USA Today's Rating: 3

Ivan C.: "The best baseball field there is. The ambiance is the best, the energy of the game and the crowd plus the food and atmosphere last but not least, the staff was great. Very friendly and welcoming. If you appreciate the ball game, you must try for your self. Go to the Wrigley Field at least once and you'll understand. Go Cubs go!" -- 5 stars

David M.: "Chicagonas sure do love their Cubs and the atmosphere and stadium shows that love! This is the best ballpark I have been to. Right in the city with plenty of bars and restaurants that surround the stadium. The stadium sign is iconic the fans are great and there isn't a bad seat in the park. Can't wait to go back to another game!" -- 5 stars

4) Oriole Park at Camden Yards, Baltimore Orioles

Yelp Rating: 4.5

Total Reviews: 812

USA Today's Rating: 4

Brian P.: "A beautiful ballpark in the heart of a great city. Went to two games while in town (O's won both). Huge crowds, ample vending of food and goods on all levels of the park - even in the nosebleed seats we had for the second game, and helpful staff throughout. This is the type of place that reminds us football fans why baseball is still America's pastime. We walked here from a nearby hotel, but it seemed that parking options were readily available. A great family outing." -- 5 stars

Jose M.: "One of the best MLB ballparks I have ever been to. I've been to 19 of 30, and Oriole Park at Camden Yards is one of my favorites. The staff were very nice and helpful, creating an awesome experience for me and my family. The Oriole fans were great, very in-tune with the game. It was very energetic on this Thursday night. If you are a MLB fan, you can't miss this great experience of experiencing a ballgame at Oriole Park at Camden Yards." -- 5 stars

3) Fenway Park, Boston Red Sox

Yelp Rating: 4.5

Total Reviews: 1446

USA Today's Rating: 5

Jason P.: "We're from CT. When my son was around 6, we took him to his first MLB game in Tampa while we were on vacation. The game was indoors. Some fans were peppered around the seats, but it felt dead. I immediately regretted not waiting until we could take him to Fenway. Last night was our first family Major League Pro Sports game since the Pandemic. It was raining, but the game was still 10,000 percent better than that Rays game. The stadium is so original and classic. The Monster. The weird foul line rules. The lively surrounding area. How you're packed in with a bunch of great people! Fenway is my favorite stadium. I'm not sure I even have a second favorite." -- 5 stars

Chris A.: "So I'm never giving 5 stars as a NY Yankee fan but I have to admit the place is a shrine to all that love baseball. I was corrected by an usher too that it is not a stadium, it is a ballpark (Good point well taken). Being there brings you back to the days of legends and not the current millionaire mentality that (IMO) has taken a lot away from the game. Sat 10 rows behind my Yankees while they were visiting. Good seats from pretty much anywhere." -- 4 stars

2) Oracle Park, San Francisco Giants

Yelp Rating: 4.5

Total Reviews: 3216

USA Today's Rating: 2

Therese K.: "Oracle Park home to our San Francisco Giants. The views, the food and our San Francisco Giants never disappoints. As a native San Franciscan I love bringing out of town guests to a game here. The spectacular views, the amazing food choices and of course our Giants. My favorite is the Crazy Crab Sandwich and a Ghirardelli Ice Cream for dessert. I like Field Club Level seats a few rows above the dugout between third base and home plate for the perfect viewing experience." -- 5 stars

Kathleen A.: "Five stars all around for this fantastic baseball park! From the food to the memorabilia to the views, this park has it all. You can see great concerts and events here but the best events are the baseball games. There really is not a bad seat on the house, just seats that are better than others. I have sat in every type of section: view reserve, bleachers, field club, club and arcade. They all have their pros and cons and none of them disappoint. I love the arcade seats but am partial to the field club where I can order from my seats and get the best carne asada nachos. Anywhere you sit you can root for our hometown team - let's go giants!" -- 5 stars

1) PNC Park, Pittsburgh Pirates

Yelp Rating: 4.6

Total Reviews: 632

USA Today's Rating: 1

Dave S.: "Very modern ballpark. Philly Steaks were awesome Loved the cheese sauce. Fries were good but not hot again cheese sauce was excellent. Very nice great looking ballpark." -- 5 stars

Yvette K.: "Great atmosphere and views for days! Fantastic fans and food too! Make it out to a game whether or not you're a Pirates fan. Walkable distance from downtown hotels and restaurants and bars."

Worst Yelp Reviews in MLB:

5) Rogers Centre, Toronto Blue Jays

Yelp Rating: 3.5

Total Reviews: 339

USA Today's Rating: 21

Cher A.: "Whenever I go to the Rogers Centre it's an okay experience. It's really easy to get in and the lines move pretty quickly. What takes time is ordering food. The lines are atrocious. If you are gluten and lactose free you can bring your own hot dog bun and purchase a vegetarian hotdog at gate #106, since it's gluten and dairy free. All over, I have a good time when I visit the Rogers Centre and the best sections for baseball games are the sections behind home plate." -- 3 stars

David P.: "A very rough experience. A cold cement block that I'm sure had some charm in the 80's is quite a departure from any other facility in the MLB. The roof folding is unique and interesting to watch open, but the sight lines are minimal, the concession options are limited, and the lack of seating in the most HR-likely area of CF is very confusing. Toronto deserves an overhaul of this antique." -- 2 stars

4) Globe Life Field, Texas Rangers

Yelp Rating: 3.5

Total Reviews: 157

USA Today's Rating: 22

Anthony D. "Dropped my AirPods which is 100% on me. Called back to see if they were found and told no. But I can see them in use by someone that works there. They also work at other venues in that area. I guess these days when you lose something, just assume it's gone for good. Either way, I hope your employee enjoys my AirPods, I replaced them today after watching them use them the last two days." -- 1 star

Tara S.: "Came in with an open mind as we aren't Ranger fans - just baseball fans. But I agree with most - the fancy stadium doesn't feel like real baseball. If this was a basketball, hockey, or concert venue - sure. 10/10 recommendation. But not baseball. The building is very clean but just too much for baseball. Seats in the 100 section would be my recommendation for best views. And take a pass on the 2ft long hot dog." -- 2 stars

3) LoanDepot Park, Miami Marlins

Yelp Rating: 3.5

Total Reviews: 97

USA Today's Rating: 18

Evelyn M.: "I personally like the stadium but the parking situation is awful. They need to be more organized. I arrived to the stadium on time did the game but it took me almost an hour to park. The food options at the stadium are great." -- 3 stars

Kyle S.: "Parking isn't convenient around the park as it's mostly parking garages which creates trouble for bigger events. There isn't much going on outside the park for baseball games. The inside has spacious concourses and decent amount of food options. It's not much of a looker inside and there is not many interesting parts of the park." -- 3 stars

2) Tropicana Field, Tampa Bay Rays

Yelp Rating: 3.4

Total Reviews: 443

USA Today's Rating: 29

Melvin M.: "The Trop isn't a bad stadium at all, it is just so MISMANAGED that it makes for a miserable experience. If they build a new stadium and allow the same people to run it then it will be just as bad. First, there is crowd control. The Trop is TERRIBLE at crowd control, the way that they have food vendors set up and there are no lines, it's just a gaggle mentality. Second is the restrooms (also crowd control). There are two entrances to every restroom, one on the right and one on the left. In America we "keep right" so it makes sense that the right door is the entrance and the left door is the exit, yet they just allow people to go into whatever they want, if there is a line at the right door peole just go in the left and cut the line, it would be simple to put one way barricades in and out so people would be guided. Third is the food service - The majority of the people operating the food service are inept at best, they bumble around like they are lost and take forever to get anything, even when it's right in front of them." -- 1 star

Mina O.: "Unfortunately this stadium just doesn't cut it. Once you've been to Truist Park, it's hard to accept anything less. The best part of my visit was witnessing the Braves win. This stadium needs some serious updating and is pretty small. It's a tight squeeze and no cup holders. The food is overpriced and the stadium is fully covered so no fireworks. There were kiosk to order food, but no hand sanitizer in sight. I ordered a hand rolled pretzel hot dog, but the counter was inaccurate so they cancelled my order because they ran out of them. Great experience with family and friends even with the flaws." -- 2 stars

1) Oakland Coliseum, Oakland A's

Yelp Rating: 3.2

Total Reviews: 1028

USA Today's Rating: 30

Limuel G.: "Surprisingly, the very first baseball game I ever attended was across the bridge here at the Oakland Coliseum. Before Oakland loses the A's to Las Vegas, I have to beat a dead horse and say what's already known around the league. This stadium is a dump. It's old and outdated and in need of major renovations. The concourse is oddly shaped because at one time this was a football stadium, so a lot of seats at the ballpark have obstructed views. There is nothing special about the food and to my knowledge, I don't even know if they have signature ballpark eats." -- 2 stars

Mark U.: "What a horrible, disgusting place. Wayyyyyyy over priced parking. Wayyyyyy over priced concessions. If you take BART, you get mobbed by beggars on the bridge from the station to the stadium. Subpar beer options, probably because the more upscale vendors know how cheap the owners are. Vegas should be a blessing.....but with how cheap the owners are, I'm sure they'll make this team an embarrassment there, too." -- 1 star

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