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Professional cleaner reveals how much money she makes in a week: 'No one tells you...'

A woman on TikTok has people rethinking their career choices after sharing how much she makes cleaning houses during an average workweek.

Anastasia (@anadovada) is passionate about what she does, which is why she owns her own cleaning business and maintains an active TikTok account devoted to helping others start businesses, too. It’s also why she finds pay transparency so important, to ensure anyone looking to follow in her footsteps knows what they’re getting into.

That was the primary goal of her recent viral TikTok, which breaks down her daily take-home pay and the total amount she earned in one particular work week. It has more than 10.2 million views to date — mainly because it’s blowing people’s minds.

“I love what I do and love my clients,” Anastasia captioned the post, which takes viewers through a typical Monday through Friday schedule.

Her lowest payday was $360, while her highest was $480. The rest of the days fell somewhere in between, bringing her total weekly take-home pay to $2,304.

“I might just go into cleaning business,” one commenter wrote after watching the video.

One person even called house cleaning “the most slept on side hustle” there is.

Quite a few people agreed, saying they own their own lucrative cleaning business or know someone who does.

“I started my own cleaning business about 2 years ago,” one person shared. “Love it. I’ve got kids in traveling sports so it helps that I make my own schedule.”

“my mom does it and she makes so much money its crazy,” added someone else.

At the same time, many people pointed out that it’s not exactly “easy” money. It can be back-breaking work depending on the job, and it can often involve dealing with stingy clients.

“It is not an easy job guys…” one person wrote.

“But no one tells you how much it exhausts you at the end of the day,” said another. “it’s so hard.”

That said, it’s worth noting that what some people find to be exhausting work others may enjoy. At least one commenter said they find cleaning “fun” and rewarding. Another called it “therapeutic” and said they were interested in starting a business not for the money but for the feeling of calm it brings them.

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