The power to transform? Here’s how Monday’s eclipse may motivate Georgia residents

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There is something undisputedly exciting about an eclipse.

It is a particularly auspicious time, both scientifically and metaphysically. As such, I thought it would be wise to consult someone who knows more than I do about mystic and philosophical matters.

I spoke with Dani’el M. Kennerly, Professional Psychic, Medium Spiritual Counselor and Professional Tarot reader about the upcoming eclipse in Aries on Monday, April 8.

A lot of people know the science and astronomy of this particular phenomenon, but there is more to it - a lot more actually.

The magic of planetary bodies aligning - the woo woo of it all - can wind up being just as important as the calculations of solar energy. Dani breaks down what we can expect from this special occurrence and what we can do to help ourselves through it.

What it means for us all

  • This eclipse holds an energy of powerful transformation.

  • It represents leaving behind what no longer serves you, and being driven/pulled to what your heart truly desires.

  • You should honor your own needs and listen to your body.

  • Let the eclipse energy clean everything out in order to offer perspective to what’s really going on.

Chores and activities that will be most productive

  • Cleaning out your closet (just make sure to take everything out before you put things back in)

  • Self-care rituals (like a long bath or a massage)

  • Listen to your body’s needs when they arise

Crystals that work well with eclipse energy (wear ‘em if ya got ‘em)

  • Sunstone

  • Crystal quartz

  • Lybian desert glass

  • Onyx

  • Citrine

  • Moonstones

Emotional fluctuations (careful you don’t get carried away)

  • Hyper sensitivity

  • Heightened self-awareness

  • Desire to reconcile old disagreements

Signs that will be affected the most during the eclipse

Aries will be motivated to induce positive change using passion and desire. You’ll be activated on all levels, so don’t forget to schedule in some nap time.

Capricorn’s private life will undergo major changes, possibly forcing you to re-prioritize your work-life balance.

Libra will experience new developments in all areas of your life, but particularly concerning your identity and your sense of independence.

Cancer will realize that settling is no longer acceptable. Be on the lookout for new beginnings and opportunities in your professional life.

If you would like a reading or to consult with Dani, you can visit her Instagram or Facebook page to message her directly.

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