Post-free agency AFC & NFC power rankings

Charles Robinson is joined by Jori Epstein to do a way-too-early top seven teams in the AFC and NFC heading into the 2023 season post-free agency.

1:50 - Top two teams in the AFC: Jori thinks the Cincinnati Bengals will take the top spot this season, but Charles thinks the Chiefs will hold on to the top spot in the AFC.

10:40 - Who will be better in 2023: the Miami Dolphins or Jacksonville Jaguars? Both teams have made impressive additions this offseason.

17:00 - AFC #4-7: Buffalo Bills, New York Jets, Pittsburgh Steelers, Los Angeles Chargers and Denver Broncos are all mentioned to round out the cream of the AFC crop.

39:10 - Are the Baltimore Ravens poised to plummet in 2023? The situation with Lamar Jackson has no end in sight, and even if he returns, he likely won't be happy playing on the franchise tag.

43:15 - Top two teams in the NFC: Both agree that the Philadelphia Eagles are poised to repeat as NFC champs, but the San Francisco 49ers are right on their tail in the second spot.

48:10 - Who will better in 2023: the Detroit Lions or Dallas Cowboys? Both agree the Lions have made huge strides this offseason and will look to contend for a top spot in the NFC this season, but have they done enough to deserve the third spot?

56:05 - NFC #4-7: Seattle Seahawks, Carolina Panthers, New York Giants and Chicago Bears are all mentioned to round out the top seven.

Tua Tagovailoa and Trevor Lawrence hope to take their teams to the playoffs in a loaded AFC conference in 2023.

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