Porto vs Arsenal LIVE: Champions League result and reaction as Galeno wins it with late goal

Arsenal suffered a heartbreaking stoppage time goal to see them lose 1-0 to Porto in a dull affair in Portugal meaning they need to come from behind at the Emirates in the second leg to make it through to the quarter-finals.

Porto have a strong record at home against Arsenal and from the off looked determined to break up the Gunners’ flow and rhythm. It was a stop-start match throughout with Porto creating the better chances as Galeno hit the post and volleyed wide of goal in the same first half attack.

With 10 minutes or so to go Arsenal looked to shut up shop and cling onto the draw - which would have been an okay result - but some sloppy play in stoppage time saw them lose possession and allowed Galeno to drive forward before whipping a wonderful finish past David Raya to earn the hosts a win.

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Porto vs Arsenal LIVE

  • Porto defeat leaves Arsenal with an awkward Champions League problem to solve

  • Porto’s late goal saw them beat Arsenal in the Champions League last-16 first leg

  • 90+4’ GOAL! - Galeno curls a scorcher into the back of the net (POR 1-0 ARS)

  • 41’ SHOT! - Evanilson’s shot is kept out but Raya (POR 0-0 ARS)

  • 22’ POST! - Galeno hits the post before volleying wide the rebound (POR 0-0 ARS)

FC Porto 1 - 0 Arsenal FC

Porto defeat leaves Arsenal with an awkward Champions League problem to solve

22:16 , Mike Jones

A twist on the night, from one glorious curling long-range effort. It really was something out of nothing. Just when Arsenal’s trip to Porto seemed to be drifting towards the most dismal of 0-0s, Wenderson Galeno took hold and let fly to suddenly leave Mikel Arteta’s side having a lot to do in the second leg of this Champions League last-16 tie. They now must overcome a 1-0 deficit, having seemed to be rather complacently settling for a draw.

It should never have got to this, but then Arsenal never got going. That is perhaps the greatest frustration, as Porto - and, admittedly, an overly officious referee - ensured this was the worst type of stop-start game.

It has certainly stopped Arsenal scoring. After having scored 21 goals in five games, to seemingly end all talk of a staleness afflicting their attack, Arteta’s team went through a blank for the first time since the turn of the year.

Porto defeat leaves Arsenal with an awkward Champions League problem to solve

Martin Keown speaking on TNT Sports

22:25 , Mike Jones

“The handbrake was on a little too much, was that inexperience? They need to hold that hurt now. Porto contained Arsenal.”

FT Porto 1-0 Arsenal

22:19 , Mike Jones

Arsenal didn’t do much wrong in that game but they’re on the end of a classic finish to a Champions League knockout game. The team seemingly in control being taken out by a surprising late goal.

Most of the Arsenal squad haven’t experienced that before with this being their first taste of Champions League knockout football but they will be loath to repeat it at the Emirates.

The Gunners are still in the contest but they’ll need to play without the handbrake on if they are to overturn the deficit.

Full-time! Porto 1-0 Arsenal

21:56 , Mike Jones

Arsenal win a late free kick that Declan Rice curls into the box. Gabriel gets his head to the ball but nods it over the bar and out of play.

The full-time whistle goes and the game ends. Porto are tie heading to London with a slender lead but Arsenal will be confident about winning at the Emirates.

A dull affair until the late drama but not the worst result for the Gunners though they’ll need to come from behind to reach the quarter-finals.

GOAL! Porto 1-0 Arsenal (Galeno, 90+4’)

21:54 , Mike Jones

90+4 mins: Arsenal give possession away and Galeno drives the ball down the inside left channel. He rolls it onto his right foot and whips a superb finish into the far corner!

David Raya leaps across but can’t get there, Porto have won this one late on.

Porto 0-0 Arsenal

21:49 , Mike Jones

90 mins: Four minutes of added time to play. Perhaps time enough for someone to nick a win though that may be beyond both teams.

Porto 0-0 Arsenal

21:48 , Mike Jones

87 mins: There has been one shot on target in the whole game. Arsenal have apparently created five attempts (none on target) though it’s a struggle to remember any of them.

This hasn’t been an exciting game. Call it quits now and head to the Emirates where it should be slightly more exciting.

Porto 0-0 Arsenal

21:44 , Mike Jones

84 mins: Arsenal’s last goalless draw came in January 2023 in a 0-0 against Newcastle. That’s over a year ago but the signs are strong that this match will be following a similar route.

Porto make a couple of changes with a touch over five minutes left to play.

Porto 0-0 Arsenal

21:41 , Mike Jones

81 mins: Into the last 10 minutes and stil there isn’t much to write home about. Injuries are starting to creep into the home players as they look to keep Arsenal quiet.

Porto 0-0 Arsenal

21:39 , Mike Jones

78 mins: Saka and Odegaard attempt to combine on the right side of the pitch but there’s no way into the box and Saka is forced to send the ball backwards.

The gunners come forward again and win their eighth corner of the match. Can they create something from this one?

No, Costa comes out again and touches the ball over Havertz before Porto are awarded a free kick.

Porto 0-0 Arsenal

21:34 , Mike Jones

75 mins: 15 minutes to play in Portugal and neither side has the advantage. Bukayo Saka whips a corner into the penalty area but Diogo Costa leaps towards the ball and plucks it out of the air.

Will we see a winner?

Porto 0-0 Arsenal

21:31 , Mike Jones

72 mins: Otavio puts himself in a lot of trouble trying to dribble out from the back with Odegaard hunting him down. The defender feels some contact and goes down convincing the referee to blow the whistle for a free kick.

Porto 0-0 Arsenal

21:27 , Mike Jones

69 mins: Varela approaches Havertz on his blindside and catches an elbow from the Arsenal man who didn’t even see him. The German becomes the third Arsenal player shown a yellow card in this match.

Porto 0-0 Arsenal

21:24 , Mike Jones

66 mins: Martinelli manages to createa situation where he can run at Pepe. He goes around the defender and takes the ball into the box but Varela scurries back and wins the ball for the hosts.

Great defending.

Porto 0-0 Arsenal

21:22 , Mike Jones

63 mins: Gonzalez yanks back Havertz after the Arsenal man wins the ball off Varela and looks to drive forward through the middle of the pitch.

The foul is committed right in front of the referee who brandishes a yellow card.

Porto 0-0 Arsenal

21:20 , Mike Jones

60 mins: Kiwior brings Conceicao down just outside the penalty area and the home side have the chance to trouble the Arsenal goalkeeper.

The free kick is flicked in from the right by Wendell who curls it over everyone and straight out of play.

Porto 0-0 Arsenal

21:15 , Mike Jones

57 mins: At the other end of the pitch, the younger Pepe is slipped into the right side of the area. He has the chance to shoot but tries to backheel it for Conceicao only to give possession back to Arsenal who walk it clear.

Porto 0-0 Arsenal

21:13 , Mike Jones

54 mins: Martinelli is starting to come alive. He carries the ball into the box and curls in a cross. Pepe nods it away but Martin Odegaard recovers the ball and shoots from range.

He hits the ball well but sends it straight at Leandro Trossard who can’t get out of the way.

Porto 0-0 Arsenal

21:11 , Mike Jones

51 mins: Martinelli manages to weave his way into a bit of space but Conceicao grabs his shirt and cynically pulls the winger to the floor.

It’s an easy decision for the referee who pulls out the yellow card.

Porto 0-0 Arsenal

21:07 , Mike Jones

48 mins: Martinelli is caught after collecting a loose ball but Porto are awarded a free kick because of a foul previously committed by Jakub Kiwior.

The match seems as physical as it did in the first half.

Second half! Porto 0-0 Arsenal

21:04 , Mike Jones

Arsenal get the ball rolling again for the second half.

The TNT Sports pundits, Rio Ferdinand and Martin Keown, both agree that the Gunners can leave this match with a draw but don’t want to concede in the next 45 minutes.

Mikel Arteta will want to win this one though.

HT Porto 0-0 Arsenal

21:01 , Mike Jones

Porto have two players called Pepe in their side tonight.

One is a 40-year-old veteran Portugal defender who won this trophy three times with Real Madrid. The other Pepe is a 26-year-old Brazilian winger.

HT Porto 0-0 Arsenal

20:55 , Mike Jones

With Francisco Conceicao (21) and Otavio (21) both starting tonight, FC Porto have named two players aged 21 or under in the starting XI for a Champions League knockout stage game for the first time since March 2018 v Liverpool (Diogo Dalot and Bruno Costa).

HT Porto 0-0 Arsenal

20:51 , Mike Jones

It’s been a struggle for Arsenal so far though they have controlled possession effectively. Mikel Arteta will need to inspire the players at the break.

Porto have been frustratingly solid.


Half-time! Porto 0-0 Arsenal

20:47 , Mike Jones

45+1 mins: The whistle goes to end the first half in Portugal. Arsenal dominated the ball, Porto had the best chance and hit the post.

Those are the highlights. Let’s hope the second half is more exciting.

Porto 0-0 Arsenal

20:46 , Mike Jones

45 mins: Just the one minute added on at the end of the first half. Arsenal have another corner, can they create something from this set piece?

Yes! Saka picks out Havertz over by the far post but his header is nodded into the deck where it bounces wide.

Porto 0-0 Arsenal

20:41 , Mike Jones

41 mins: Porto are turning up the heat as half-time approches. Pepe, the 26-year-old winger, takes the ball into the penalty area and backheels it to Evanilson.

He shoots and drills a low effort through Declan Rice’s legs but David Raya is on hand to smother the effort.

Porto 0-0 Arsenal

20:38 , Mike Jones

38 mins: Nico Gonzalez hits a clean strike from a long way out and David Raya is interested for few a moment before the ball rises up and over the crossbar.

Decent attempt but not troubling for the Arsenal goalkeeper.

Porto 0-0 Arsenal

20:36 , Mike Jones

35 mins: Close!

Arsenal whip the ball into the box from a corner once more and this time William Saliba gets on the end of it. He doesn’t catch his header quite right and the ball is sent wide of the nearest post.

Arsenal’s best chance so far and Saliba should arguably have done better to find the target.

Porto 0-0 Arsenal

20:33 , Mike Jones

32 mins: Arsenal have already had 70% possession but I can’t recall a single opportunity to challenge Diogo Costa. The Gunners aren’t finding it easy at all to play through Porto.

Mikel Arteta needs to come up with a solution as Leandro Trossard drills a long range effort into the stands.

Porto 0-0 Arsenal

20:30 , Mike Jones

29 mins: Gabriel Martinelli is being marked by two players whenever he gets the ball. He’s not been able to run at Joao Mario yet and hasn’t get in behind.

It’s part of a gameplan from Porto which is working very effectively indeed.

Porto 0-0 Arsenal

20:28 , Mike Jones

26 mins: Arsenal, who have recently been very good at set pieces, are being bullied by the Porto defenders.

Bukayo Saka swings a cross into the middle of the six yard box but the goalkeeper claims it easily as none of the Arsenal attackers can break free of their markers.

Porto 0-0 Arsenal

20:23 , Mike Jones

22 mins: Chance!

Porto should be in front. They attack down the right again and pull the ball back into the middle. Galeno darts ahead of William Saliba before whipping a shot into the far post.

The rebound comes back to the forward who then volleys a second effort wide of the near post and jogs away in disbelief.

Porto 0-0 Arsenal

20:21 , Mike Jones

21 mins: Joao Mario injects a bit of pace into Porto’s attack as he makes an overlapping run and collects the ball down the right flank.

The defender takes on Jakub Kiwior before looking for a cross. Kiwior gets the block in and the ball loops into the air where David Raya is left with the simplest of catches.

Porto 0-0 Arsenal

20:18 , Mike Jones

18 mins: Declan Rice swings the free kick into the box but Diogo Costa comes off his line to punch the ball clear without too much trouble.

Porto then attempt to fly forward down the left but Nico Gonzalez runs the ball out of play.

Porto 0-0 Arsenal

20:16 , Mike Jones

15 mins: Ben White whips a lovely switch of play over to the left wing where Kai Havertz brings the ball under control. He sends it back to Martin Odegaard who is brought down by Pepe for an Arsenal free kick.

There’s a conversation as Arsenal set up the set piece.

Porto 0-0 Arsenal

20:13 , Mike Jones

12 mins: For a team as flowy and exciting as Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal the early stages of this match have been anything but. It’s slow, steady, and without much intensity.

Passes and being moved across the pitch but there’s no urgency from either team.

Porto 0-0 Arsenal

20:11 , Mike Jones

9 mins: Francisco Conceicao receives the ball and looks to turn into space in midfield. He’s clipped by Leandro Trossard and the pressure eases up on the hosts as they win a free kick.

Arsenal are dominating possession but haven’t done much with it.

Porto 0-0 Arsenal

20:07 , Mike Jones

6 mins: Arsenal are trying to shift Porto up the pitch as the home side seem wary in these opening stages. They’re sat deeper than the Gunners’ pacey wingers would like and there’s not much space in behind yet.

Porto 0-0 Arsenal

20:03 , Mike Jones

3 mins: Declan Rice lunges into a tackle on Galeno who attempts to weave down the line. Rice catches the forward and brings him down which also earns the midfielder the first yellow card of the match.

Kick off! Porto 0-0 Arsenal

20:01 , Mike Jones

The home side get the match underway and work the ball into the back line. A fizzing crossfield pass is drilled towards Ben White but William Saliba intercepts before the ball reaches his teammate and Arsenal take control of the ball.

Porto vs Arsenal

19:57 , Mike Jones

Here come the players.

Martin Odegaard leads out the Gunners with most of the starting XI making their debuts in the Champions League knockout rounds.

How will Mikel Arteta’s men fare tonight? Kick off is up next...

Porto vs Arsenal

19:55 , Mike Jones

At 40 years and 360 days Pepe is the oldest outfield player to start a knockout stage game in the Champions League, beating the previous record of Ryan Giggs for Manchester United against Bayern Munich in the quarter-finals in April 2014 (40 years 123 days).

Bukayo Saka sets sights on first Arsenal hat-trick amid goalscoring form

19:50 , Mike Jones

Bukayo Saka is targeting his first Arsenal hat-trick after the in-form winger scored braces in back-to-back emphatic away wins for Mikel Arteta’s title challengers.

The 22-year-old and his team-mates are in electric form and followed up last weekend’s 6-0 win at West Ham by battering Burnley 5-0 on Saturday.

Saka scored a spot-kick and a goal from an open play in each of those emphatic triumphs but the academy graduate’s wait for a first Arsenal hat-trick goes on.

Bukayo Saka sets sights on first Arsenal hat-trick amid goalscoring form

Porto vs Arsenal

19:45 , Mike Jones

Porto have been eliminated from seven of their eight Champions League knockout ties against English opposition. The exception was a last-16 victory against Manchester United on their way to lifting the trophy in 2003/04.

Porto vs Arsenal

19:40 , Mike Jones

Arsenal are unbeaten in their last eight Uefa club competition matches against Portuguese teams with three wins and five draws.

However they were eliminated on penalties by Sporting in last season’s Europa League after 2-2 and 1-1 draws between the teams.

Arsenal have more than recent history to rewrite in Champions League

19:35 , Mike Jones

Over the past few days, some of the Arsenal squad have been playing the Champions League theme to each other.

There’s a giddiness around the travelling group, that has been amplified by the team’s raucous recent form. It is a welcome reminder of how the gravitas of the competition can still bring a simple thrill, even as it faces bigger questions.

The Arsenal players feel this is where they should be every season. Instead, Mikel Arteta has actually been preparing for the club’s first Champions League knockout tie in seven years. There is more to rectify than that underwhelming stat, though.

Arsenal have more than recent history to rewrite in Champions League

Porto vs Arsenal

19:30 , Mike Jones

Mikel Arteta’s side picked up 13 points in this season’s group stage to finish four above runners-up PSV Eindhoven in Group B.

Porto managed only one point fewer in Group H but missed out on top spot by virtue of their head-to-head record against Barcelona, who beat them twice.

Porto vs Arsenal

19:25 , Mike Jones

Kai Havertz was also on target at this venue against tonight’s hosts Porto.

He struck the final goal for his previous club Bayer Leverkusen in their 3-1 win over Porto in the Europa League, back in February 2020.

Porto vs Arsenal

19:20 , Mike Jones

Arsenal are in the round of 16 for the 15th time, one more than Porto and behind only Real Madrid (21), Bayern Munich (20), Barcelona (18) and Chelsea (17).

But, the London club’s nine losses at this stage is a Champions League record.

Porto vs Arsenal

19:15 , Mike Jones

Arsenal have tended to start fast in Europe this season. 12 of their 16 goals have come before half-time, which more than any other side in the tournament.

Martin Odegaard talks up Arsenal’s double chances ahead of Champions League return

19:10 , Mike Jones

Martin Odegaard says Arsenal must harness their growing momentum as they target a Premier League and Champions League double.

Saturday’s 5-0 win at Burnley meant the Gunners have kicked off a calendar year with five straight league wins for the first time in their history.

Arteta’s second-placed side are two points behind leaders Liverpool and now turn their attention to European action.

Martin Odegaard talks up Arsenal’s double chances ahead of Champions League return

Arsenal team changes

19:07 , Mike Jones

Mikel Arteta has named an unchanged Arsenal team for the third consecutive match. The Gunners are producing some incredible displays of late and the manager obviously believes that consistency is key to their success.

Porto vs Arsenal line-ups

19:03 , Mike Jones

Porto XI: Costa; Mario, Otavio, Pepe, Wendell; Gonzalez, Varela; Pepe; Conceicao, Evanilson, Galeno

Arsenal XI: Raya, White, Saliba, Gabriel, Kiwior, Odegaard, Rice, Havertz, Saka, Trossard, Martinelli

Arteta on Porto

18:55 , Mike Jones

“I’ve been really impressed by Porto.” said Mikel Arteta in the build up to tonight’s clash.

“I know the manager really well, and their history. They have quality across the pitch and will be really tough opponents. We have earned the right to be here.

“We haven’t been here [in the last 16] for seven years and haven’t got to the next stage for 14. That’s the challenge. We are excited and will go for it with full belief.”

Porto vs Arsenal

18:50 , Mike Jones

Two members of Arsenal’s squad have fond memories of the Estádio do Dragão.

Kai Havertz and Jorginho both played in the 2021 Champions League final held here as Chelsea and Manchester City went toe-to-toe.

The German’s strike provided the winner for the London club on that occasion. Will he be as influential tonight?

Porto vs Arsenal

18:47 , Mike Jones

Arsenal are bidding to end a record run of seven successive Champions League round of 16 defeats as they travel to the Estádio do Dragão to take on a Porto side who themselves have not progressed beyond this stage since 2020/21.

The Gunners, in their first Champions League campaign for seven seasons, lost in the last 16 in every campaign between 2010/11 and 2016/17, their last aggregate victory at this juncture coming at Porto’s expense in 2009/10.

Sergio Conceicao on facing Arsenal

18:40 , Mike Jones

The Porto head coach said: “Arsenal have players with great technique and talent, but we also have quality.

“They are a team who enjoy a lot of possession and know how to perform in the final third, and they will be very different to any side we face domestically.

“We have to be very competent in each phase of the match if we want to compete.”

How many Champions League places will the Premier League have next season?

18:35 , Mike Jones

Manchester United and Tottenham may need to rely on strong performances from respective rivals Manchester City and Arsenal in the Champions League if England is to earn an extra spot in next season’s revamped competition.

The Champions League is being expanded to a 36-team tournament from 2024/25 and two of the extra four places will be awarded to countries whose teams perform best in this season’s European competitions.

As confirmed by Uefa on their website on Tuesday, England currently sits third in the race, behind Italy and Germany, which would mean Serie A and the Bundesliga receive a fifth Champions League place next season.

How many Champions League places will the Premier League have next season?

Arteta on winning the Champions League

18:30 , Mike Jones

Mikel Arteta says winning the Champions League would be ‘incredible’ and to do so this year would be a dream as the final is being held in London at Wembley.

“It should be incredible to have that feeling to lift that cup, in London, the first of June. It is there,” said the Gunners boss.

“It is in our minds. It is a dream, but there are a lot of things you have to earn the right to do before that and tomorrow we have a big obstacle ahead of us. We are really looking forward to it.”

Arteta: Arsenal don’t have the experience but do have ‘full belief’

18:25 , Mike Jones

“We don’t have the experience, that’s the reality – 95 per cent of these players haven’t played this competition, they haven’t played the last 16.

“I haven’t (managed at this stage). But they have so much energy and enthusiasm to play well and that’s our desire and how we’re going to play the game.

“It’s great. We have earned the right to be here. It’s been seven years since we’ve been at the top table for these kind of matches and 14 years since we were able to go to the next stage.

“That’s the challenge. We know what is ahead of us, but we are very excited to face it and to go for it with full belief, that’s for sure.”

Progressing in Champions League is Arsenal’s ambition says Mikel Arteta

18:20 , Mike Jones

Arsenal will be firm favourites at the Estadio do Dragao on Wednesday night as Mikel Arteta looks to go further in the Champions League than he ever managed as a player at the club.

“They (the players) know that we have not been in the competition for seven years,” the Spaniard said.

“Obviously some of them were here and they know the story and they know that what happened in the past is irrelevant, it is the challenge and ambition that we have now to go through.”

Porto vs Arsenal prediction

18:15 , Mike Jones

Despite recent results not going their way against Porto an in-form Arsenal could well prove too much for their Portuguese opponents and take a healthy lead back to the Emirates.

Porto 1-3 Arsenal.

Porto vs Arsenal early team news

18:10 , Mike Jones

Porto have been dealt a major blow on the eve of their last-16 tie after striker Mehdi Taremi was ruled out due to an adductor injury suffered in training. The hosts will also be without Zaidu Sanusi and Ivan Marcano, while midfielder Stephen Eustaquio remains a doubt.

Arsenal, meanwhile, will hope to welcome back the quartet of Gabriel Jesus, Takehiro Tomiyasu, Oleksandr Zinchenko and Fabio Vieira from injury with all four close to a return. Thomas Partey and Jurrien Timber remain sidelined.

Predicted line-ups

Porto XI: Costa; Mario, Pepe, Otavio, Sanchez; Pepe, Varela, Gonzalez, Galeno; Taremi, Evanilson.

Arsenal XI: Raya; White, Saliba, Gabriel, Kiwior; Odegaard, Rice, Jorginho; Saka, Trossard, Martinelli.

How to watch Porto vs Arsenal

18:05 , Mike Jones

Porto vs Arsenal is due to kick off at 8pm GMT on Wednesday 21 February at Estadio do Dragao Stadium.

Viewers in the United Kingdom can watch the match live on TNT Sports 1, with coverage starting from 7pm GMT. Subscribers can also tune in via the Discovery+ app.

If you’re travelling abroad and want to watch major sporting events, you might need a VPN to unblock your streaming app. Our VPN round-up is here to help and includes deals on VPNs in the market. Viewers using a VPN need to make sure that they comply with any local regulations where they are, and also with the terms of their service provider.

Porto vs Arsenal

18:00 , Mike Jones

Good evening and welcome to The Independent’s coverage of tonight’s Champions League action as Arsenal get their European campaign back underway.

They travel to Portugal to face Porto in the last-16 and hope to continue a run of form that has seen them win five matches in a row scoring 21 goals in the process.

The Gunners have not won away at Porto in their last three attempts but Mikel Arteta believes that his young team could get the job done tonight.

We’ll have all the action, team news and updates throughout the evening so stick around as we build up to get off at 8pm.