Porsche Mission X Is an Electric Supercar Concept Aimed Straight at the Nürburgring

porsche mission x concept
Porsche Mission X Is an Electric Supercar ConceptPorsche

Porsche revealed a new concept called the Mission X today. It's an all-electric one-off supercar the company says could go into production.

Should the Mission X become more than a concept, Porsche says its vision is to create the fastest road-legal car on the Nürburgring—a record currently held by the Mercedes-AMG One. The car, if it were to be produced, would achieve that goal through a power-to-weight ratio of one hp per 2.2 pounds, more downforce than the current 911 GT3 RS, and an electrical system capable of charging about twice as quickly as the Taycan Turbo S thanks to a 900-volt architecture.

The concept you see here likely does not do any of those things. But it does give us a good idea of what to expect from the brand, should it move forward with a production version. Porsche describes the Mission X as "the pinnacle of performance and modern luxury," with smooth lines and proportions comparable to the Carrera GT and 918 Spyder. The wheels are staggered, at 20 inches up front and 21 inches in the rear. The rear wheels are made of translucent aero blades that direct air away from the brakes for better cooling.

A glass dome sits above the two-seat cabin, supported by carbon fiber reinforced plastic. There are "Le Mans style" doors attached at the A-pillar and roof that swing out forwards and upwards, which Porsche says was inspired by the 917. The Mission X is the first Porsche to wear the updated Porsche crest, revealed last week.

Inside the Mission X you'll find a driver-oriented cabin with two differently colored seats, with shells also made from carbon fiber reinforced plastic. Six-point harnesses are mounted directly to the monocoque, and there's an open-top motorsports-style steering wheel with switches for different drive modes, along with paddle shifters—for what, Porsche doesn't clarify.

“The Porsche Mission X is a technology beacon for the sports car of the future. It picks up the torch of iconic sports cars of decades past: like the 959, the Carrera GT and the 918 Spyder before it, the Mission X provides critical impetus for the evolutionary development of future vehicle concepts,” says Oliver Blume, Chairman of the Executive Board of Porsche AG. “Daring to dream and dream cars are two sides of the same coin for us: Porsche has only remained Porsche by constantly changing.”

porsche mission x concept

Porsche says the Mission X is a design study not to be offered for sale. The company also says whether it puts the car into production version will "be decided in due time," suggesting it'll gauge interest from potential buyers based on reactions before green-lighting the project. If this is what Porsche's future looks like, we're all for it.

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