Poll: Does Inter Miami have an obligation to announce when Lionel Messi will sit out?

Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez and Sergio Busquets did not make the trip to Inter Miami’s most recent game at Vancouver.

The way the news that Messi and the team’s stars wouldn’t be there was announced stirred controversy as well as the ire of the local fanbase, which had plans to celebrate Messi’s visit prior to the match as well as just to watch him play.

It’s not the first time this season Inter Miami has dealt with backlash over the handling of how it informs the public whether its global megastar will be available to play.

So we ask you the readers, does Inter Miami have an obligation to announce to the public when Lionel Messi is going to sit out a game for non-injury reasons, as he did against Vancouver?

We ask you to voice your opinion on this poll, which will be open until Monday at midnight.