Players opting to appear in new EA Sports college football video game will receive $600

Players opting to appear in the new EA Sports College Football video game slated for release this summer will receive $600 as part of a name, image, and likeness deal.

That means more than 11,000 college football players have a chance to not only appear in the game, but to earn money. EA Sports says those players will also get a free copy of the game as part of the deal.

Players would be in the game as long as they are on a roster, whether they transfer or not, and will be compensated on a yearly basis based on those factors. Players also could opt out of the game when future editions of the game are released if they so choose.

EA Sports College Football 25 logo.
EA Sports College Football 25 logo.

To appear in the game, athletes will need an official university email in order to receive the opt-in paperwork, and once that player is confirmed to be on a roster, they will appear in the game.

"We feel very proud that we'll be the largest program, likely the highest-spending program," Sean O'Brien, EA Sports' vice president of business development, told "And really an inclusive opportunity with an equitable distribution of funds across the board."

Every FBS team will appear in the game after Notre Dame announced this week that they would allow their athletes to participate, but there will be no FCS teams in the 2024 edition of the game.

"We feel very confident that nothing that happens in the future will put us in a position where we'll have to exit because of the strategy we've implored right from day one," O'Brien said.

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Players in EA Sports College Football 25 video game will get paid $600