Patrik Berglund clears the air on why he left the Buffalo Sabres

One month after his contract with the Buffalo Sabres was mysteriously terminated, Patrik Berglund shed some light on his decision to leave the team.

The 30-year-old forward, who was suspended indefinitely for failing to report to the team just before Christmas, was placed on unconditional waivers for the purpose of terminating his contract shortly thereafter. He had reportedly grown frustrated with his diminished role on the team.

Berglund, who was traded to Buffalo last summer in a blockbuster deal that sent Ryan O’Reilly to St. Louis, left more than $12.5 million in remaining salary on the table when he walked away from the Sabres.

The former 20-goal scorer shared his side of the story in an exclusive interview with Hockeypuls SE in Sweden.

“I was suspended for disciplinary reasons, I didn’t show up for practice and a game,” Berglund shared. “It was a correct suspension, I didn’t know how to act in another way. I needed to get home, I needed a break from hockey and I needed help.”

Berglund goes on to explain that he never truly felt comfortable after the trade from St. Louis, and that he holds no ill will towards the Sabres. He’s also very aware about the money that he left on the table with his decision to step away from professional hockey.

“It’s a cliché but money doesn’t make you happy. I’ll give it all up any time just to feel good inside. When you feel as bad as I did, and feel what I feel today… I really feel I’ve taken the right decision. Money is the last thing that means something to me right now.”

“Why skate around and do something I don’t like anymore, show a facade that everything is all good when I really feel like s—.”

It sounds like Berglund was in a tough spot during his short time in Buffalo, but the former Sabre doesn’t appear to have any regrets about his decision to ditch the NHL and head back home.

“I feel better today. My goal was to come home. This is my start to find my way back to my self again — through friends and family.”

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