Pat McAfee files to dismiss Brett Favre's 'clown show' defamation lawsuit

Pat McAfee has filed to dismiss Brett Favre’s defamation lawsuit against him in a federal court in Mississippi, he announced Friday on social media.

“I very much understand that next to nobody on earth wants to hear more about this type of stuff… So I apologize for contributing more negativity and (expletive) into a world seemingly filled with too much of them both to begin with,” McAfee posted.

“From the very beginning I thought the lawsuit against me was a joke … Today makes it all feel like there has been a true glitch in the simulation.”

Favre served a defamation lawsuit against the talk show host earlier this year. Favre's lawsuit also includes a Mississippi government official and former NFL player and Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe.

McAfee, who is a former NFL punter, has publicly criticized Favre on his show.

Favre’s suit alleges McAfee spread "outrageous falsehoods" on the air, accusing Favre of "steal(ing) from the poor," "(taking) money right out of their pockets" and "stealing from poor people in Mississippi."

Pat McAfee on radio row ahead of the Super Bowl in 2023.
Pat McAfee on radio row ahead of the Super Bowl in 2023.

Favre is a key figure in an investigation into misspent state welfare funds in what's being tabbed as the largest public corruption case in Mississippi state history.

Along with filing to dismiss the defamation suit, McAfee invited Favre to match him in donations to the Big Brothers Big Sisters foundation in Mississippi.

“Let’s help out the next generation of Mississippians together,” McAfee said on social media. “Let’s give some support to the citizens of your state who might need it a little bit, and let’s make something positive out of this sad clown show of a defamation suit with no merit.”

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Pat McAfee files to dismiss Brett Favre's 'joke' defamation lawsuit