Parchment Paper Vs Wax Paper: Which Is Better For Making Fudge?

fudge served on plate
fudge served on plate - this_baker/Shutterstock

As delicious as the perfectly made square of fantasy fudge might be, achieving the ideal consistency can be an elusive task for the novice baker. If fudge sticks to the pan you placed it in, those sweet bricks of your dreams may be difficult to retrieve. To save yourself from future disappointment, line your pans with parchment paper. Instead of having to deal with sticky pans, crumbly edges, or ripped sheets of paper, you can easily remove the cooled fudge from the pan, make crisp cuts along your block, and distribute the sweet treat to your friends.

Though frantic moments of kitchen chores may have you thinking the difference between wax and parchment paper for this application is slight, remember that wax paper isn't heat resistant. Pouring a hot mixture of soon-to-be-fudge on top of a waxy sheet can impact the surface of the paper. When heat is involved, use parchment paper, as it will help you lift cooled fudge out of the pan with far less hassle.

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Aiming For Ease In The Kitchen

fudge in parchment-lined tin
fudge in parchment-lined tin - this_baker/Shutterstock

If you simply must use wax paper in your fudge-making projects, consider wrapping pieces of your finished fudge with it to distribute to office workers. Layers of wax paper can also be placed between your 4-ingredient salted caramel fudge recipe and classic fudge pieces to help you differentiate between flavors you intend to freeze and serve later.

If your parchment paper container is empty, consider buttering the dish or using cooking spray. Soft fudge more easily sticks to sheets and pans, so aim for the ideal fudgy consistency before you begin to pour the mixture into the container. Using metal pans can also be helpful if you're looking to remove cooled pieces of fudge cleanly.

Though wax paper may seem to offer an equally tempting substitution, the surface isn't an ideal pairing for your warmed sugary mixture. If you're looking to reach for one paper for all your fudge-making needs, parchment is the fast and easy answer. Pick up another package the next time you're at the store.

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