Orioles Minor Leaguer Gets Mixed Signals From Manager Before Stunning Revelation

Buck Britton, the manager of Minor League Baseball’s Norfolk Tides, kept talking and second baseman Jackson Holliday kept listening. (Watch the video below.)

But to what exactly? An ill-deserved demotion? A backhanded compliment? A life lecture?

In a clip that went viral Wednesday, Britton rambled on about Holliday’s “chip on his shoulder” and told the 20-year-old prospect to thank his dad, former Major League All-Star Matt Holliday, for allowing him to hang on the field with him back in the day.

“The second thing I want you to tell him is that now it’s time for him to ask permission to be on Jackson Holliday’s pass list cause you’re going to the big leagues,” Britton said.

“Awesome,” Holliday said. A smile broke over his face at the realization he was being promoted to the Tides’ parent club, the Baltimore Orioles.

Britton did have one last piece of advice for Holliday: “Call your dad.”

Getting the call-up shouldn’t come as too much of a shock for the younger Holliday, who was MLB’s overall No. 1 draft pick in 2022 and had been tearing the hide off the ball in the minors.

Now he’s heading to an Orioles team that’s 6-4 and expected to be a contender.

Good luck in the show, kid.