This is how you should organize your fridge and freezer

If you’re having trouble finding things in your fridge, a few simple organization tricks might be all you need. In this episode of ITK: Uncluttered, we learn how to best organize a fridge and freezer from Fillip and Jamie Hord (@horderly). These hacks can help you keep your produce as fresh as possible, plus make your fridge look neat as new.

Fridge & Freezer Organization Step 1: Pull out & Sort

The first step to organizing your fridge and freezer is to take everything out and decide what’s worth keeping and what needs to be discarded. “Just like with any other space that you’re organizing, you want to pull everything out, sort everything, you want to toss anything that’s old or expired,” Jamie says.

Fridge & Freezer Organization Step 2: Place categories

Next, as you put everything you’re keeping back into the fridge, it’s important to know that there is a right place to put specific items in terms of temperature and cross-contamination. Jamie suggests using clear bins like the The Home Edit By IDesign Fridge Storage Solution set, and labeling them so you can clearly see where everything is.

The bottom drawers of a fridge should hold fruits. The next shelf up is where you should keep raw meat and deli. Above that should be dairy items like cheese, yogurt and milk. Jamie also recommends maximizing the height of each shelf with pull-out drawers when needed. The fridge door is the warmest part of the fridge, so this is where you should put items that won’t perish quickly, like drinks and condiments.

Fridge & Freezer Organization Step 3: Use bins in your freezer

Like with the fridge, you can use labeled bins to sort various categories in your freezer. Fillip and Jamie suggest categorizing based on fruit, veggies, kids’ meals and breakfast items, and using the shallow freezer door for something small like ice cream.

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