How To Order The Secret Menu Stardust Frappuccino At Starbucks

Stardust Frappuccino in Starbucks cup
Stardust Frappuccino in Starbucks cup - Boyloso/Shutterstock

Unique drink concoctions have surged on TikTok, and many of the elusive secret Starbucks recipes are being exposed to the masses. Every barista may not be familiar with some of the more obscure names of coffee recipes, but if you visit your local Starbucks armed with the instructions you need to order, you can be sipping on an off-menu beverage. Such is the case with the stardust Frappuccino, a fruitier take on Starbucks' classic recipes.

To get your hands on a colorful stardust Frapp, ask your barista to blend peach juice, heavy cream, frozen dragonfruit inclusions, ice, and a generous pump of Starbucks' cream base. The bright pink drink becomes even more vivid with a thick topping of whipped cream and an extra sprinkle of brightly-hued dragonfruit inclusions. This magenta drink has received traction for good reason on the socials. Not only does the Frappuccino command serious aesthetic attention, but the creamy, fresh treat will also turn your afternoon several shades brighter.

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A Colorful Treat With A Refreshing Taste

label order of stardust frappuccino
label order of stardust frappuccino - Jess Nicole/TikTok

Note that not every Starbucks location will have raspberry syrup stocked in the store, so you may need to approach your local counter with a certain degree of flexibility. Some other secret-menu experimental drinkers have compared the stardust Frapp to the flavor of pink Starburst candy. The stardust Frappuccino has also been rumored to be made with sangria and blackberries, elevating a standard vanilla bean Frappuccino with a refreshing and fruity sip that smacks of summer.

You can ask your neighborhood barista to line not only the top of your drink but also the bottom of your cup with a dollop of whipped cream to create a creamy foundation before the cold, pink, blended mixture is poured into your cup. If you don't have a tropical vacation on your calendar, this might be the next best option.

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