One big thing for every NFC team heading into the 2024 season, Falcons fined for tampering | Zero Blitz

On today’s episode, Jason Fitz and NFL writer Frank Schwab discuss one big question they have for every NFC team heading into the 2024 NFL season.

The guys wonder if Brock Purdy will be able to cash in on his success with the San Francisco 49ers, if Chicago Bears fans should trust Matt Eberflus to coach Caleb Williams and whether or not the Detroit Lions have a Super Bowl-worth secondary.

Also on this episode of Zero Blitz, Fitz and Schwab talk about the Atlanta Falcons being fined for tampering in their process of signing Kirk Cousins and why both guys are pumped up for the new “Receiver” show set to debut on Netflix.

(0:43) - Falcons fined for tampering

(5:43) - New “Receiver” show

(8:06) - Carolina Panthers

(10:11) - Arizona Cardinals

(13:07) - Washington Commanders

(16:38) - New York Giants

(19:17) - Atlanta Falcons

(21:55) - Chicago Bears

(25:52) - Minnesota Vikings

(30:46) - New Orleans Saints

(35:47) - Seattle Seahawks

(40:28) - Green Bay Packers

(45:38) - Los Angeles Rams

(49:07) - Philadelphia Eagles

(51:42) - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

(53:51) - Detroit Lions

(57:24) - Dallas Cowboys

(1:00 :13) - San Francisco 49ers

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

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