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Well, you never know what's gonna happen when you start a season. You can begin with blind optimism, but you quickly realize that's not gonna get you through 26 days. So you begin to adapt. There's no rice. Maybe papaya. You've been adapting the three of you for 26 days, and it earns you a spot at the final three. It's about to earn one of you a million dollars. I'll read the votes. First vote. Charlie. Kenzie. Charlie. Two votes, Charlie. Kenzie. We're tied again. Two votes Charlie, two votes Kenzie. Charlie. That's three votes Charlie. Two votes Kenzie. Kenzie. We're tied again. Three votes Charlie, three votes Kenzie. Kenzie. That's four votes Kenzie. Three votes Charlie. One vote left. The winner ofSurvivor46, Kenzie. (contestants cheering) There it is,Survivor has crowned another winner. Jury, come on over. Kenzie, pulled it out with a five three vote. Wow. What a season. Funny, entertaining. A lot of music, very unpredictable. We had a lot of records set from days without flint, rice and blindsides and idols. Nami never lost an Immunity or Reward Challenge. We're gonna bring in some champagne, got some pizza. Gonna get everybody together, move a couple of cameras, then we're gonna talk about everything. It is theSurvivor46 After Show. Coming up next... I need some champagne. Let me get in here. (indistinct shouting and cheering) It's 46! Wow. Thank you. Cheers. Cheers. Cheers. Cheers. Up next... So, Charlie, what's your reaction to Maria? Arguably the strongest bond in the game not voting for. Listen, I want to say this right now. I finally took a chance on myself. This is the most selfish thing I've ever done. I want to talk about idols and advantages. 9-1-1, what's your emergency? My plane's about to crash. ANNOUNCER: The epic new season of9-1-1... (Sobbing) Please help my Mom! He's not breathing! Help is coming! Is a wild ride. In pursuit. (Sirens blaring) Thursday... We're ready. Let's go, let's go! (Sirens blaring) We're gonna get both of you out of here. Dispatch all available rescue units. That's it! Go back, go back! Need a lift? 9-1-1,all new Thursday at8 Eastern on Global. (Music Begins) Summer breeze makes me feel fine Blowing through the jasmine in my mind ( ) Summer breeze makes me feel fine (Silence) Blowing through the jasmine in my mind Summer starts here. Get your PC® Summer Insiders Report today. Be amazed at how something this powerful can be this civilized. Behold the Subaru Crosstrek Wilderness. (Mixed gasps) ( ) What's the Walt Disney World thrill feel like? It's like... Woody: Howdy, partners! and like... (Giggles) and also like... (Screaming) And it feels even better together. And check this out. You can thrill with this special 4-day, 4-park magic ticket offer. Visit to learn more. Disney thrills us like... (Screaming) - Mama, what's a Dare Veggie... Crisps? - Oh! I'm Dare Veggie Crisps! I'm a little bit of all the things... veggies, crackers and chips. [group] - Ohhs! - Veggify your snack time with Dare Veggie Crisps. - Made with real veggies! For healthier meals every day of the week. Frigidaire ovens have 15 ways to cook. Like air fry and steam roast. To make life a little yummier. For all we share. Frigidaire.

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