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so we're very thankful for independent security services and cooperation with the rnc levels of government and all the member serving organizations that help make the downtown happen that anyone who wants to come downtown this summer can expect to have the level of safety that we all deserve to have in the summer. Stay tuned and reach out to figure out how you can support this ongoing initiative. >> Well, the canadian red cross is looking for volunteers to support their emergency management program. The red cross assists families across the country that have become displaced due to an unfortunate event or disaster. Emergency response volunteers provide access to food, shelter, clothing and other forms of support for canadians in emergency situations. The canadian red cross relies on volunteers to help during those disasters and all necessary training is provided each year. The canadian red cross helps thousands of people across canada. >> We may have noticed parts of the outer ring road were closed today and remain that way until 7:00. That's because a cleanup is underway to remove litter and discarded items. >> The closures from catamount road to the logy bay road interchange it'll reopen in about a half an hour. >> The province says the closure is necessary to ensure a safe environment for crews conducting work near the highway. The province is reminding motorists that littering on highways is prohibited under the highway traffic act and it can result in steep fines ranging from 100 to $500 and also for failing to ensure cargo is secured so that it could leak or fall through trunks or truck beds from vehicles that can result in fines from 120 to $600. Updates on road closures and reopenings are available on the neil 511. Caa or through the 511 app. Still ahead will be by with this week in history. A look back at this week's top viral trends. And in national news weather continues to present challenges for the B.C. wildfire service. >> It's time now for another quick break or first quick break as a matter of fact. When we return, we'll turn our attention to national news. As mentioned, we focus on british columbia and the upcoming weather forecast, how that is anticipated to impact current forest firesoning of this ntv program is brought to you in part by your debt help professionals at bdo your next chapter is waiting let us help you write it (Pop music plays) Circle it ( ) Circle You let me circle it ( ) I can find anything if I circle it ( ) Let me circle it So let me circle it ( ) (Song in Italian) ("il geghegè" by Rita Pavone) ( ) Bright and zesty. The Chimichurri Steak & Cheese and Chimichurri Veggie part of the new Globally Inspired Subway Series. ANNOUNCER:For every home.For every room. Cohen's has exactly the look you want in stock and ready. New styles,new arrivals. See more of what'sin store at Cohen's in our newbi-weekly flyers. Cohen'swhere the home is. I was dancing before I could walk. I just knew one day I'd be up there on that big stage. Dancing was always my thing. And then... I wired my first circuit. My shop teacher, Mr. Fifield, created an all-girls class for the skilled trades. And that changed everything for me. I'm an electrician now, showing other young people what's possible. Thank you, Mr. Fifield. It's the little things in life that are the most important so when a car accident takes away the little things in life it changes everything at russell accident law, we help people get back to what's most important schedule a free car accident consultation today Bring life back into the jewelry that you once loved. Do you have jewelry that's broken, worn out, or just simply doesn't fit anymore? Come to Bogart's and let's turn that piece into something you can finally wear again. visit any Bogart's location to get started. ( ) Ever wonder what's around the next corner? ( ) ( ) Past the trees. ( ) Over the mountains? ( ) That's where adventure lives... ( ) Take a Nissan suv and go find it. ( ) My optometrist helped me ride

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in the class you know what? I'm going to be the only girl to get it done to do it and that keeps me teaching a lot to try to be a role model for other young girls and they see me okay, she's a black belt. >> I can get that too, you know I can do that. >> She has learned many life lessons through karate over the years and carries that with her in her everyday life. >> Self-discipline would definitely be something that I use my everyday life whether that be for my school work for my job anything that I know I have to do and set a goal to then knowing and karate I put my goal and I got my black belt . This this task doesn't doesn't seem so bad and confidence as well. My confidence personally was never the greatest but getting in karate and especially again being a female athlete that's helped boost my confidence and seeing how far I've went and I've done the same things the guys have done or even more i. I can still, you know, get to that level and still still do well. For rebecca stern she's already accomplished many achievements but right now her main goals are to graduate from memorial university and finish her degrees in black belt. For npr news, I'm becky daly in this is our time to take another look at the weather forecast now and get a bit of a better window into what's going to happen in the coming days. >> And I do hear I did like those graphics we saw in labrador. >> Looks like a beautiful day in the big land. Let's go. Let's go. Let's travel there. All right. >> Here's the look right now what we're seeing with the current conditions across north america. Oh, four degrees in the st john's and everybody else experiencing beautiful conditions and seasonal ones. Now of course we are quite lucky in many respects we're not dealing with the wildfires that B.C. and alberta are dealing with right now. 18 degrees in beautiful fort mcmurray under sunny skies thunder bay seeing 50 degrees and sun and cloud. Let's push a little bit further to the south where we continue to see warm conditions as warm as 28 degrees in missouri, 31 in atlanta and 32 degrees into tampa, florida. Our friends watching in nassau, bahamas at 30 degrees lows in conditions for the next 24 hours north the northwest winds are going to be keeping those temperatures down gusting to around 50 mostly around single digits, low single digits for this evening from the east into central and the burin peninsula. Check out your forecast for eastern newfoundland tomorrow. Mainly cloudy in the morning then mainly sunny in the afternoon. Not really going to see much for temperatures only highs of around eight degrees for the avalon but getting into the teens once you cross into clare anvil gander and mary's town to the northern peninsula west coast and southern regions for this evening expect mainly cloudy skies with a chance of showers from corner brook down to port of basque. Other regions mostly just clear skies mostly cloudy skies rather but no active weather for you. Cool temperatures as well. Your monday forecast for the west is mainly sunny. That's just the way we like it . No real active weather in these regions with the exception of the southwest coast and port au basque is going to see some rain as well up to just ten degrees as your high tomorrow into labrador for this evening mainly clear except mainly cloudy over far north areas of labrador. Otherwise not a bad evening tonight in store for labrador tomorrow mainly sunny in the morning increasing cloud throughout the day from west to the east. Maybe some rain showers developing in the evening for far northern labrador. 2 to 5mm of rainfall possible but rain on tuesday in labrador with snow and mixed precipitation is possible in the north. And some showers coming in for hopedale region on wednesday as well. >> Taking a look now at the five day forecast as mentioned, the east actually has a pretty decent looking week ahead. There is rain again in the forecast but we're going to kind of creep into those temperatures that we want to be in this time of year as high as around 17 for thursday under rainy skies. A little bit cooler in the evening. Of course central newfoundland this week is going to see mostly clear skies to start the week. A bit of a bump coming in for midweek with some rain in the forecast. Temperatures as high though as 25 degrees for thursday. What a day in store for you on thursday. That's going to be absolutely wonderful. Temperatures a lot cooler on monday evening down to just one degree to western newfoundland. A beautiful week ahead with a little bit cooler temperatures starting the week. But rounding out to a beautiful day there on thursday as well. 22 degrees sun and cloud in this forecast all week with some showers coming in on wednesday and friday. And now to labrador west as I mentioned, expect to see some snow rain mixes coming in maybe midweek with temperatures in the low single digits. >> So ideally this might be more of a rain event than a snow one friday could see a snow mix in the morning but not likely to last with temperatures anticipated to get up to 13 degrees eastern. Labrador is going to see a great start to the week and a little bit of precipitation rolling in from tuesday through to and including friday. >> Single digit temperatures should round out the end of the week.

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