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>> And the stanley cup playoffs connor mcdavid was the hero last night scoring 32 seconds into double overtime as the edmonton oilers beat the dallas stars in game one of the western conference final. >> Here are the highlights stars of the four minute power play kick things off in O.T. they work the puck to robertson. He had supposed to scramble for the rebound. Skinner covers it up. The star so close to ending it. The oilers killing off the penalty and then 14 minutes later over on the right of timing I'm in turn shoots mcdavid and found ways to stop. Somehow archer reaches out with his goal stick. Looks like mcdavid had a wide open net and everybody is yelling at the tv. >> How did he not get that mcdavid came in with no goals in his last five games. On third down and out reaches out the stick making an ungodly evil save robbing the oilers captain on just save for 35 saves on the night the fans watching back in edmonton they thought it was over but we need a double O.T. and less than a minute in magic five plays the puck up the boards. Here's bouchard in front. Score connor mcdavid the redirection early in the second overtime. The edmonton oilers win game one redemption for connor mcdavid after being robbed in the first overtime mcdavid scoring the winner in double overtime his third goal of the playoffs. Meanwhile skinner made 31 saves as the oilers take game 132. >> And we're going to take a break now the ntv evening news hour. But do stay with us. When we come back, in your community. >> We're going to tell you about 1111 new events, more events added to the george street festival loning of this ntv program is brought to you in part by your debt help professionals at bdo your next chapter is waiting let us help you write it ( ) (Bell ringing) ( ) ( ) Here's a fresh take. We think burgers taste better when they're made with Canadian beef. Fresh onto the grill. Fresh off the grill. Never frozen. Always juicy. ( ) All the things you take care of make you beautiful on the inside. Collagen30 can help on the outside. It's clinically researched to help reduce eye wrinkles within four weeks. Collagen30. Beauty from the inside out. (classical music plays) My Lindor bar. To enjoy. To dream and to keep dreaming. Irresistibly smooth milk chocolate from the Lindt Maître Chocolatier. Melt into a lasting moment of bliss. [piece of a falling bbq] - Oh! [Men forcing] [sledgehammer blow] [woodpecker] - Dinner!! - Rona Bud Light presents the 39th Annual George Street Festival on Tuesday, August 6th It's local legends Shanneyganock! And special guest, the Derina Harvey Band. Check out the lineup and get your tickets at Brought to you by Bud Light, Mike's Hard LemonadeLambs Rum, ozfm, ntv Shield Group and Delta Hotels. Must be 19 years orolder. "you can have it all" by george mccrae You. Look. Fabulous. - No, you. - You! You! - Youuuuuu! - Youuuuuu! - It's Old Navy. - It's Old Navy. When the insurance company cut us off the stress on my family was unbelievable. Mortgage, groceries, car payment. You start to juggle your bills. When I got MacGillivray Law involved I actually felt like I had someone in my corner for once. It wasn't just me trying to fight this big insurance company by myself. Our lawyer Angeli is amazing. It's like she's part of the family now. She took us under her wing and she walked us through every step. She helped us win our case and got us back on our feet. I can't put it into words how much I respect MacGillivray Law. Best phone call I've ever made. ( ) Sublime Elsewhere naked offered divine And touched by them only Fighting (Silence) (Wind blows) (Lively Orchestral Music) (Lively Orchestral Music) It always hungers for more because it's seseldom full. (Engine roaring) ( ) Behold the Subaru

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>> But I'm ready now. Celine dion gets personal the documentary I am celine dion goes behind the scenes as the superstar singer deals with a life altering illness. >> The film highlights dion's iconic music and her determination to return to the stage. I am celine dion debuts on prime video june 25th in hollywood where it's all coming back to me now. >> I'm david daniel. Stay with us while we take one more break on the ntv evening news, our edie shearer is going to be back to recap the weather forecast still looking kind of misty out there. >> And when we return, jim furlong will have today in history (Sentimental instrumental music) ( ) ( ) ( ) on Thursday, August 1st. on Thursday, August 1st. We're kicking the country with the Reklaws and special guest Justin Fancy. and special guest Justin Fancy. Check out the lineup and get your tickets Check out the lineup and get your tickets at Brought to you by Bud Light, Mike's Hard LemonadeLambs Rum, ozfm, ntv Shield Group and Delta Hotels. Must be 19 years orolder. Mother: My family loves to travel. Whoa... (Exhaling) And I love it when they all come back home. Toffifee combines what everyone loves. Caramel, hazelnut, nougat cream and chocolate. (Laughter) (Song in Italian) ("il geghegè" by Rita Pavone) ( ) Fiery with a cooling finish. The Nashville-Style Hot Chicken part of the new Globally Inspired Subway Series. Here's a fresh take. We think burgers taste better when they're made with Canadian beef. Fresh onto the grill. Fresh off the grill. Never frozen. Always juicy. ( ) (phone dings) ( ) Ever feel like no matter what you've got, someone's got more? And someone's got more than that? More to spend. More places to go. And just when you think there couldn't possibly be any more, more... You realize... There's more to life than more. ( ) You're richer than you think. Scotiabank. Feel the clarity of non-drowsy Claritin®. Get relief from symptoms caused by over 200 outdoor and indoor allergens associated with types of pets, dust and pollen. Because visiting family means making yourself at home. Feel the clarity and live Claritin clear. ANNOUNCER:For every home.For every room. Cohen's has exactly the look you want in stock and ready. New styles,new arrivals. See more of what'sin store at Cohen's in our newbi-weekly flyers. Cohen'swhere the home is. . >> Welcome back to the ntv evening news hour. It is time now to look back at events that happened today in history. Here is jim. >> For a long you know, it was one of those inventions that changed everything. On the 24th of may. The telegraph message was sent what hath god wrought? Who sent it? Well, samuel morse. Who? Well, if you're into trivia, the message was suggested to morse by annie ellsworth. She was the daughter of the commissioner of patents in washington D.C. the quote is from the bible if you're following at home the book of numbers was telegraph from a railroad station in washington back to the capitol. And to give you in a sentence the impact of morse code and the telegraph. Now just a decade after the introduction of the telegraph. Listen to this now. It's a true statistics more than 20,000 miles of telegraph wire criss crossed america. >> The service was inaugurated another day in may. Do you know when? Yes, you do. It was the 24th of may. >> It was this date in history. This is jim furlong reporting in our mq oh question of the week. >> We ask will you be paying your respects when the remains of the unknown soldier return to the province to vote? Call 1-855-279-7887. Or go online at ndtv's .ca slash q o w. We'll have the results on monday birthdays and anniversaries brought to you by the health care

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