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and what kind of I guess work and preparation goes into getting something like this on the go and operational. Absolutely amazing amount of work. We have an amazing staff. We have an amazing group of volunteers. We have our students here serving tonight. >> We have our arena staff that gets the stadium ready. We have our chefs here and the food preparation and the gathering of food is so much going on behind the scenes to make this a success. And council supports this we have from the start. And look what it brings to the region. So beautiful town of bay robertson, beautiful cbn. >> So I know it certainly means a lot and this is just the first event this runs all the way through sunday. >> Correct? So thursday night is hooked on local which is tonight sold out tomorrow night sold out few tickets left for saturday night. And of course the fish cake championship we ended off in a grand way on sunday sunday afternoon. We're really looking forward to that. And I urge anyone if they look for some tickets for saturday just a few left or sunday please get all of us. >> Bay robert scott, mayor, thank you very much for joining me. No problem. Thanks for having me. And I have one more special guest before we go. I have pam parsons, mj of harbour, great supporter, great mayor, a minister first, thank you very much for joining me this evening. I'm going to call you mayor. We've got hang tight here but that's all right. So from what I understand we spoke before you have something very special to talk about. >> Yeah. I mean, you know, this is this festival grows and grows every year. So welcome, of course, to our district and you're out here a lot. You're here for the boat wedding at christmas time and for a grave you're coming for our summer games which is happening this summer and of course you're here for the sound stage a seafood festival. You're still going to be my constituent one day soon. Yeah, no, it's great. And as you can see, everybody enjoys this, you know? So certainly I welcome everybody to come make the excursion around the bay this weekend. Lots happening and I'm also very happy to announce $10,000 on behalf of the government of newfoundland and labrador of course through the department of tourism, culture, arts and recreation for tonight and for this festival. I mean we do it every year and it's and it's you know we're proud sponsor of that and as you can see it grows and grows every year. So celebrating our local food, our local entertainment I think as todd bartow up on the stage there now and there's going to be lots of great fun things to do here this weekend. So first thank you very much. Thank you eddie and all. You're always welcome. I love being out here. It's always a beautiful spot to visit especially when the weather's nice like it is today. Tomorrow not going to be as nice or getting a look at those temperatures right now across newfoundland and labrador we can see it certainly is a little bit of a cooler day for many areas compared to what we're dealing with over the last couple of days really yesterday and tuesday temperatures were significantly warmer and very brutal hold on and temperatures were significantly warmer the last couple of days compared to what we're seeing today and really over the next couple of days it's not going to get any warmer. So we're looking at five degrees right now in saint john's, five degrees up in grade school. It's 12 at the hour and badger corner brook, you're looking at 15 degrees ten in steve miller quartermasters reporting six degrees right now is a labrador . It's cool in the north and the west 0 to 5 roughly across the big land marius harbour currently reporting three degrees and luckily wind speeds are not terribly high but they are enough to make it feel like the air has a little bit of a bite to it. And as we take a look at those wind speeds there they are out there on the wind speeds. >> There they are right now they're going to be 20km/h straight to the north in saint john. So even though it's 5 or 6 degrees slightly feeling closer to zero. So if you are heading out this evening for a little bit of a walk, certainly a jacket not going to go astray, maybe a hat and a gloves as well. So the satellite radar picture showing roughly the eastern third of the island right now is clear but the clouds are rolling into central and the shower is areas of rain not too far behind. Some heavy rain right now pushing into the southwest coast area you can see there right around stephenville a heavy pocket of rain moving in just south of you. And I can zoom in and we can actually zoom in on this area here and I'll stop the radar right there. And it looks like a heavy pocket of rain just east of lourdes on the port upper peninsula not far from the mainland area and then a stephenville signal crossing. You're kind of up next for a heavy bout of rain. Same thing in robinsons. This did not last all that long but expect a little heavy burst there of rain over the next 10 to 15 minutes or so. This is all ahead of an area of low pressure currently swirling in from western quebec that is going to drive rain and snow across parts of labrador overnight. Rain on the island overnight and tomorrow the rain for western areas. Neighbors showers tomorrow afternoon while eastern areas will see rain through about midday tomorrow. And then once we are through tomorrow we will see slight improvements in labrador over the weekend on the island looks like some rain or some showers on saturday drier but cooler day on sunday and then next week as of now looks like it is looking a tad better across much of the region. We'll talk about that coming up in a few minutes on the ntv evening news hour. We'll talk about how next week the last full week of may looks like it is going to be warmer. But how warm is it going to be? Are we talking summer like warm or just warm warmer? Because maybe for a lot of us has been so chilly. We'll talk about that. My next forecast on the evening news hour toni, mike,

back to you from the bay arena and bay roberts at the song stages and seafood festival. >> Thank you very much, eddie. All the seniors advocate says ageism against seniors in this province is a massive problem as ndtv's beth penney tells us. >> Now they're hoping to work to change what they call an unconscious bias refusing to hire someone over a certain age using oversimplified language or taking advantage of someone's age for financial gain. These are all examples of ageism against seniors. >> We hear this a lot. You get seniors who are going to the hospital or to receive a service and they're there with maybe their adult child. And so automatically the service provider looks to the adult child and talks to the adult child. >> Susan walsh is the seniors advocate for this province. With seniors month fast approaching in june. Walsh says the office wanted to address ageism. There's not a lot of data related to ageism in newfoundland and labrador. >> And walsh says there could be a few reasons for that lack of information. Seniors I find seniors are very proud group, right? >> They they have worked really hard to support themselves and their families and give back to this province. And as a consequence, no one wants to say oh, now I'm 80 and people are treating me like like I'm a child or are dismissing my my views and wishes or because it's hard. >> Now the office of the seniors advocate has created a fun way that they hope can battle against ageism. They're asking seniors to submit a photo and to brag a little bit about themselves and the many possibilities that come along with aging. These photos will be featured in a new social media campaign. >> So this is my parents who are graciously willing to let me put this up so we can give an example to the other seniors in the province. So it just says meet barb and john walsh ages 87 and 88. They're from kilbride, newfoundland and labrador. And then it's only 60 word right up and it says barb is an avid baker and cook. She is known to bake over 40 cherry and fruitcakes at christmas and give them away to others. >> The campaign is meant to break down negative stereotypes that many seniors in this province say they face. And to celebrate seniors is specially with seniors month just around the corner. Beth penny, ntv news. >> Canada's senate committee on fisheries and oceans delivered its report on seal populations today titled sealing the future a call to action. Among the recommendations are four related to science research gaps and the department of fisheries and oceans on the eight species of seal. The recommendations also highlight the need for indigenous knowledge to be incorporated in the sealing industry and calls for a seal study center of excellence to be created as well as the seal population management study. As part of the study the senators went on a fact finding mission and you fill out a labrador. Last fall, senator fabian manning shared how that visit influenced the report. >> Our visit newfoundland and labrador. The concerns that were raised at our hearings to plan labrador play an important part in our recommendations. So just the fact of the people on the east coast in this particular case feel like that ottawa is not doing enough to assist this industry. We believed we heard I'm sorry that the you know, the future of the entire fishing industry depends greatly on what happens in the seal. Would see a population students at holy redeemer elementary and spaniards bay have been displaced due to a chemical odor detected in the school last week. While the investigation is underway and the department awaits testing results, students remain at home. But the mhc for the region pam person says starting monday students will be temporarily relocated to neighboring schools. >> The school community noticed a chemical odor a foul odor odor within the building and to my knowledge as well that they immediately evacuated the building. And so kids have been home and the school community that the school has been closed since last wednesday. And right now officials from the department of education as well as transportation infrastructure are currently working to find the source of this smell. But in the meantime, though, safety is first. I've heard a lot from parents actually in the last 24 hours in my district being the amaechi for the for the district and they're wondering, you know, will we get to go back in our school in our school going to close? Ultimately safety is first. And so there is a plan put in place of course by

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