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An evacuation order for a northeastern B-C municipality evacuated because of wildfires is very close to being lifted.

That's according to Northern Rockies Regional Municipality Mayor Rob Fraser, who says the final major hurdle is restoring emergency-room operations at the hospital in Fort Nelson.

The B-C Wildfire Service says the next chance of rain that can help the firefight will arrive Sunday with the possibility of up to six millimetres. (19)



An investigation has been launched into the R-C-M-P's handling of alleged threats made against a B-C woman who was later found dead.

The province's police watchdog says it's probing the police response to an incident that happened in Lumby last December where the local detachments received a report - quote - "indicating concern for the safety of a woman.''

Tatjana Stefanski was found dead on April 14th, one day after vanishing from her home. (19)


(Sask-MLA-Gun) (Audio: 139)

Saskatchewan's N-D-P leader says she wants to know why the truth was withheld that the government house leader brought a gun into the legislature.

Carla Beck says it's clear either Premier Scott Moe lied last week when he said there was no truth to the claim Jeremy Harrison brought in a gun, or Harrison himself lied.

This comes after Harrison admitted in a statement he stopped into the legislature a decade ago with a long gun while on a hunting trip.

Harrison has resigned as house leader but remains in Moe's cabinet as minister of trade and immigration. (19)


(WHO-Pandemic-Treaty) (Audio: 143)

Rich and poor countries have failed to come up with a plan for how the world might respond to the next pandemic, after more than two years of negotiations on the matter.

The co-chair of the World Health Organization's negotiating board for a global treaty says the countries involved could not come up with a draft.

The draft treaty had attempted to address the gap that occurred between COVID-19 vaccines in rich and poorer countries, which the W-H-O's director-general says amounted to a catastrophic moral failure. (19)



Federal prosecutors in the U-S have asked the judge overseeing the classified documents case against former U-S president Donald Trump to bar him from public statements that could endanger law enforcement.

This comes after a false claim by Trump earlier this week that the F-B-I agents who searched his home in August of 2022 were authorized to shoot him.

Prosecutors say public statements like this pose a significant, imminent and foreseeable danger to law enforcement agents taking part in the prosecution. (19)


(ENT-Music-Beach-Boys) (Audio: 146)

"The Beach Boys'' dropped today on Disney-Plus, a documentary about the legendary band that's all about blending a range of voices.

Director Frank Marshall took often-told tales of the band's six decades of heartache and harmony, and tried to make them broader, and brighter, by mixing as many voices as possible.

The three Wilson brothers - Brian, Carl and Dennis - along with cousin Mike Love and friend Al Jardine, brought a harmonic revolution to group vocals with their Southern California sound that brightened the 1960s with songs like "I Get Around,'' "Good Vibrations'' and "God Only Knows.'' (19)

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