The NHL now has an official liquor shot

Who needs a chaser? (Getty)
Who needs a chaser? (Getty)

When the Washington Capitals delighted fans with their binge drinking and weeks of public intoxication after winning their first Stanley Cup in franchise history, most probably assumed that those in the NHL offices would be turning up their noses.

Instead, they’ve embraced that party life.

The league office announced on Tuesday that it has entered an official agreement with liquor brand Jagermeister to bring fans “the official shot of the NHL.” Fittingly, the world champion Washington Capitals will also make jager, the “go-to shot in sports and big social moments,” their official fast-acting refreshment as well, along with the runner-up Vegas Golden Knights.

From the NHL’s hilarious release:

As the official ice cold shot of the NHL, our fans will enjoy the ice cold herbal liqueur they love with the unparalleled experience of the NHL.

If anything, the sweet 35 percent strength liquor brings a whole new meaning to the shot quality debate.

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