NHL Network's Kevin Weekes wins trade deadline MVP with colourful breaking-news locations

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Kevin Weekes was the unanimous MVP of the NHL trade deadline.
Kevin Weekes was the unanimous MVP of the NHL trade deadline.

The transactions arrived at a fast and furious pace on Monday ahead of the NHL trade deadline, but one man stood above all as the most valuable player of the day.

NHL Network’s Kevin Weekes has made a recent habit of breaking news and trades from different locations that are outside of your traditional newsroom or studio setting. Whether it’s his barbershop, the spa, outside a grassy knoll, in his car, going for a walk, or wherever else you can think of, Weekes has the scoop for you.

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Weekes got in on the fun, and though he was back at the NHL Network’s studio on Monday, he broke the Johan Larsson trade with a garbage bin over his head, and scooped the Nick Leddy trade from what appears to be a construction site, perhaps an apt metaphor for the Red Wings’ rebuild.

As social media is prone to do, Weekes became an instant meme. Fans and reporters alike had some suggestions.

We’re absolutely here for Weekes reporting from the moon — better him than Elon Musk. He’s doing a dang good job here on Earth anyways.

The trade deadline can often be a self-serious day with Hockey Men ™ pontificating in hushed, somber tones about rentals, or extracting return on value, or what a particular trade means regarding the long-term future of an organization.

It’s also meant to be somewhat goofy too. Weekes seems to have understood this delicate balance better than anyone and it’s why he’s the runaway MVP of this year’s deadline.

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