NFL reporter believes Bears could get ‘aggressive’ for Marvin Harrison Jr.

The Chicago Bears are gearing up for a potential franchise-altering 2024 NFL draft, where they’ll officially welcome quarterback Caleb Williams to the roster.

There’s also plenty of intrigue about the direction they go with the No. 9 pick — stay put or trade back? But could Chicago actually do the most surprising thing and trade up?

Ben Volin of the Boston Globe shared some predictions for the NFL draft, and he believes the Bears “could get aggressive” for Ohio State wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. Volin noted this, and other predictions, are “educated guesses” based on what he’s heard around the league.

If the Patriots stay at No. 3 and draft Maye, then it seems all but certain that the Cardinals will draft Harrison at No. 4 to give Kyler Murray an elite receiver. But the Patriots wouldn’t mind trading out of No. 3, and I’ve got my eye on the Bears at No. 9, who seem like they want to make a big splash and be the talk of the NFL this year.

The way to do that is trade up and get Harrison. The Bears are already drafting Williams at No. 1, and what better way to create excitement than to get the best quarterback and the best receiver in one draft? The Bears don’t have a second-round pick, but I wonder if No. 9, No. 75, and multiple picks next year (maybe a first and a third?) would be enough for the Patriots to make the swap.

Obviously, the question is how much would it cost Chicago to make the move. Volin wonders if Nos. 9 and 75 (and perhaps first- and third-rounders in 2025) could do the trick.

The Bears could very well stay put at No. 9 and luck into LSU’s Malik Nabers or Washington’s Rome Odunze, who are both great receivers in their own right. So if there’s smoke about Chicago considering moving up for Harrison Jr., it speaks to their belief in him as a top player on their board.

Harrison Jr. has only met with the Bears, Arizona Cardinals and New York Giants during this pre-draft process, at least what’s been made public at this time.

If the Bears were to somehow land both Williams and Harrison Jr. in this draft, it would be an absolute franchise-altering draft that could set this team up for years.

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