New York Mets fan loses it after missing first pitch due to transit delays

New York Mets fan is livid at New Jersey Transit.
New York Mets fan is livid at New Jersey Transit.

“New Jersey Transit is the absolute worst,” are the words uttered by an extremely frustrated Frank Fleming after a train derailment forced him to miss the beginning of the New York Mets home opener on Monday. The New Jersey native had attended all but one opening game since 1998 and was understandably incensed by the situation.

Fleming let it rip when a local news crew caught up with him during his prolonged trek to Citi Field:

His commute, along with many others, was a whopping five hours compared to the usual two. Fleming did, however, manage to hop in an Uber and get on an alternate train to catch the tale end of a 6-0 win for his Mets against the Atlanta Braves.

Fleming, who runs a blog called, commuted for 10 hours in order to get to the game but has since calmed down from the “incompetence” of NJ Transit. No serious injuries were reported from the derailment, but it’s safe to say we all can sympathize with the commuters of Penn Station.


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