Let's discuss this A-Rod and J. Lo workout video set to Bon Jovi

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The couple that works out together, stays together … or something. (Screenshot via @ARod)
The couple that works out together, stays together … or something. (Screenshot via @ARod)

It’s taken over a year, but we may have figured out one of the responsibilities of A-Rod Corp. We have to assume Alex Rodriguez is paying a video editing team to make sweet workout montages featuring him and Jennifer Lopez.

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Why do we think this? Because A-Rod tweeted out this tremendous workout montage of the two set to “Livin’ On A Prayer” by Bon Jovi.

Can tweets be submitted for an Emmy? Because this would win.

We have many, many questions. But, for the sake of brevity, we’ll boil it down to our top-3.

It had to be an A-Rod Corp. intern, right? But the intern in question is clearly going to school for something video-related. You’ve got some solid camera movements in there. There are tilts. There are pans and zooms. There are establishing shots of the gym’s sign.

This absolutely took planning, which is just fantastic. You can tell it wasn’t a spur of the moment thing where A-Rod was like, “hey, you know what would be funny” on the spot. He planned it out, and that’s just the best.

Also, it’s edited to the music. It cuts to J. Lo when the “Gina” verse begins. Then it cuts back to A-Rod on the “working for her man” line. Who is this mysterious video-editing intern at A-Rod Corp? We must know.

We would have to guess it’s some type of advertisement for the gym. Maybe A-Rod goes there all the time and decided to draw some attention to the place he trains.

But, other than that … why does this exist? How and why did A-Rod come up with this idea? When did he decide to rope in J. Lo. Was she on board right away? Did she think it was just the weirdest thing ever? Ah, shoot, we said we would limit it to three questions.

We hope A-Rod and J. Lo stay together and have a happy, healthy life. But if they do break up, we’re really hoping for a shot-by-shot remake of the “Separate Ways” video.

Please do this, A-Rod. I will shoot it and edit it for you. I will do it for one A-Rod Corp. polo and hat. Let’s win that Emmy or a Kids’ Choice Award or something.

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