Ndoye? Baumgartner? Your suggestions for Euros signings

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Dan Ndoye in action for Switzerland

We asked for your views on which Euros player would be a good fit for Brighton.

Here are a few of your suggestions:

Rod: Georgiy Sudakov of Ukraine - creative and hard-working.

Andrew: Have been impressed by Christoph Baumgartner. Would give another forward/attacking option.

Bradley: I personally think Dan Ndoye, especially if Undav leaves and Ferguson goes on loan.

Ben: Patrick Wimmer.

David: I don't think we should be signing any "Euro star" players. Firstly it does not fit our model of buying value players. Secondly our squad last season was depleted - the last thing we want is players going off to play in national squads. The irony is that by virtue of playing for Brighton players will be picked for their national team and then they get bought.

Scott: Kvaratskhelia would be a dream signing and increase our pace up front.