NBCSN broadcaster drops f-bomb during Game 7 of Leafs-Bruins series

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(Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
(Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

I’m not exactly a commentating expert, but Game 7 between the Leafs and Bruins is probably not an ideal time to casually drop an f-bomb while broadcasting to one of the largest hockey audiences of the season.

Unfortunately for NBCSN colour commentator Mike Milbury, that’s exactly what happened during the first period of Tuesday’s pivotal game. (WARNING: Coarse language in the video below)

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Shortly after the Bruins were called for an icing, play-by-play broadcaster Mike Emrick was chatting about Bruins fans reacting to the whistle when Milbury audibly says ‘f–k me.’

Based on his delivery and the timing of the two words, the former Bruins’ defenceman and Islanders general manager likely didn’t realize that his microphone was live.

Nonetheless, it happened. And, as a result, thousands of parents across North America had some explaining to do for their innocent children.

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