Report: Good chance Raptors' Siakam wouldn't re-sign with a team who trades for him

With trade rumours swirling, the Raptors star reportedly wants to remain in Toronto and could go as far as not re-signing with anyone who acquires him.

Amid growing reports of trade offers being presented to the Toronto Raptors centering around Pascal Siakam, the All-Star would like to stay in Toronto, NBA on TNT's Chris Haynes reported on Thursday.

Haynes added "there’s growing sentiment" from sources around the league that Siakam could go as far as not re-signing with a team that tries to trade for him.

As we approach the 2023 NBA Draft, the Raptors own the 13th overall pick, but trade scenarios to move them up have been swirling around all week. One of the biggest targets on the current roster? Siakam, who took another big leap last season, earning his second career All-Star nod.

One of the possible scenarios had Siakam heading to Portland to play with Damian Lillard in exchange for the Blazers' third overall pick in tonight’s draft. Another was a hefty deal that took Siakam to Atlanta. It’s not surprising many front offices are interested in the forward out of Cameroon — his unique abilities on offense, and the crafty way he maneuvers to the basket, have cemented him as one of the most exciting players in the NBA and arguably Toronto's most valuable piece.

Pascal Siakam is forever a Toronto Man. (Getty)
Pascal Siakam is forever a Toronto Man. (Getty) (Getty Images)

Siakam remaining with the only team he's ever known would align with the Raptors' sentiments of wanting to do a roster "retool" as opposed to a full rebuild as many suspected may happen after the struggles they faced last season. The front office has already shaken up the team quite a bit with the termination of Nick Nurse, replacing him with Darko Rajakovic and overhauling a good chunk of the coaching staff. Now, recent rumblings say the front office would like to keep most of the core intact as they head into next season.

Pascal Siakam is not the first Raptor to express wanting to stay with the team. This week, Gary Trent Jr. opted into his $18.5-million player option, as he reportedly wants to try and work out a longer-term deal with Toronto. Among other key Raptors free agents are Fred VanVleet and Jakob Poeltl, with Siakam still under contract but soon eligible for an extension.

The news of Siakam wanting to stay comes as a relief to fans who think giving away his skill set and talent is a bad idea, and maybe not the best news to fans who wanted to see more of a full roster rebuild this summer.