NBA playoff notebook: Top 50 quotes of the 2021 postseason

The 2020-21 NBA season is finally coming to an end this week. The Milwaukee Bucks have a chance to raise the Larry O’Brien trophy at home on Tuesday. Yes, Mike Budenholzer is one win away from logging on Twitter and laughing at all of us. Before we put a cap on this season, here are the top 50 quotes from these playoffs. Enjoy!

“When you talk about the past, that’s your ego talking.” — Giannis Antetokounmpo

"It's Game 7. We don't give a sh-t what time it is.” — Rick Carlisle on having to play Game 7 in the afternoon

"Nothing. If he had 60, they would've won the game." — Tee Morant on what he had to say to his son after his record-breaking 47-point performance in Game 2

“Earlier I tweeted about the importance of Game 5 and tonight we have two series tied at 2-2, Lakers vs. Suns and Trailblazers vs. Nuggets. LOL I guess I know a little bit about basketball.” — Magic Johnson

"It’s like my alter ego. Some days when I come in, they think I’m playing well they call me K’Von and other games I don’t play well it's like, you were Kevin today." — Kevin Huerter on his teammates calling him K’Von

“I dare a motherf-cker to spit on me. I’ll follow you to your house.” — Tristan Thompson after a fan spit on Trae Young at Madison Square Garden

“I don’t know why anyone wants to become a ref to be honest.” — Nikola Jokic

"First of all, it’s my Twitter, bro. It’s my Twitter. It has my name on it. I can like whatever I choose and please, and whatever I feel like liking." — Marvin Bagley on liking a tweet saying he wants to leave the Sacramento Kings

“I know where we are. I know there’s a bunch of shows around this city. And I know what they do when the show is over.” — Trae Young on taking a bow at Madison Square Garden

“This a spiritual experience.” — Kevin Durant watching Damian Lillard’s 55-point performance against Denver in the first round

“This ain’t the bubble.” — The Bucks’ Twitter account after their team swept the Miami Heat in the first round

“There’s a saying, don’t play with your food. We didn’t want to play with our food.” — Giannis Antetokounmpo on finishing a first round sweep against the Miami Heat

Giannis has had himself one hell of an NBA postseason, and the man is a philosophical quote machine, too. (Twitter/@Bucks)
Giannis has had himself one hell of an NBA postseason, and the man is a philosophical quote machine, too. (Twitter/@Bucks)

"It's surreal — him wearing the jersey I'm so used to wearing, getting the cheers I'm used to hearing. You live long enough, you become the villain — and I've become that for the Memphis Grizzlies." — Mike Conley on facing Ja Morant

“I guess you could say he's our defensive Lou Williams." — Doc Rivers on Matisse Thybulle

“He stole it from me. I should’ve stopped passing him the ball.” — Joe Ingles on teammate Jordan Clarkson winning Sixth Man of the Year

"It’s not how big you are. It’s how your heart ticks." — Scott Brooks on Philadelphia’s size advantage

“I look like a genius.” — Jae Crowder on choosing Phoenix in free agency

“I almost stuck my finger in my nose because my nose is big." — Bogdan Bogdanovic on shushing the Philadelphia crowd

“On a serious note where are the gas stations in NYC?” — Brooklyn Nets guard Alize Johnson

"I can’t f-cking wait til Sunday. 17K. Green. I’m gonna see the Leprechaun. That’s what it’s all about." — Tristan Thompson on fans returning to the arena in Boston

“I’m not working til the day I die, that’s just stupid.” — Charles Barkley

“Honestly, just needed to turn that cell phone off.” — Tobias Harris on the key to a bounce-back game

​​"I don't know the answer to that question right now." — Doc Rivers on whether Ben Simmons can be the point guard on a championship team

"I don't know, it's weird no games being on.” — Chris Paul on what it’s like to be in the NBA Finals

"Billy Crystal, that's my family.” — Chris Paul after advancing to the NBA Finals at Staples Center

"We didn't come this far to get this far." — Kevin Huerter after advancing to the Eastern Conference Finals

"You don't win with all milk-drinkers, you need some knife-fighters on your team.” — Jeff Van Gundy

“Kawhi Leonard going crazy!” — Mike Breen after the TNT broadcast panned to a stoic Kawhi Leonard sitting in a suite

"Good pass!" — Kawhi Leonard to Terance Mann after he rebounded his teammate’s missed three for a putback

“I don’t get to see the reaction of what’s on the web or social media.” — Kawhi Leonard on his monster poster dunk against Utah

"I don't care about the Western Conference Finals. I'm trying to win a championship ... I didn't even know we took criticism. I don't pay attention to the outside world." — Kawhi Leonard

“Kawhi Leonard is smiling folks. Believe me. He just hasn't told his face yet." — Mark Jones after cameras zoomed in on the Clippers forward on the bench.

“Losing?" — Matisse Thybulle on the most disappointing part of losing Game 7 at home

"Hustle play. I thought I was going to get dunked on." — Giannis Antetokounmpo on his iconic Finals block of Deandre Ayton

“It looks that way, right? Our team wears all black and we kind of got three guys on the team that a lot of fans in the NBA don’t really like… but I don’t think we take on that mentality.” — Kevin Durant on the Brooklyn Nets being compared to the NWO

“How do I feel about the draft? Great. Two lotto picks. Don't come around too often. We call those assets in the business world and business is booming." — Klay Thompson

"It was a shot that helped me loosen up a certain part of my body." — Monty Williams on watching Chris Paul hit a three to put the Suns back up double-digits

“Stop hunting for fouls.” — New York Mayor Bill de Blasio to Trae Young

"LeBron is Mr. triple-double threat. He could do it on both sides of the ball. But Bugs Bunny has been doing it for a lot longer, maybe like 80 to 100 years now. LeBron's only been doing it professionally since what, '03?" — Klay Thompson on who would win in a basketball game between LeBron and Bugs Bunny

“Bobby Portis would play in an ancient puffy Starter jacket if he could.” — Spencer Hall

“Everyone in the Phoenix crowd looks like they’re characters in Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3.” — Charlotte Wilder

“It’s not a pedi, it’s not a mani ... it’s a facial!” — Greg Anthony reacting to a R.J. Barrett dunk

"I can't believe that was 10,000, 11,000 people. There's no way. I think we're counting like the Republicans, because it felt like 30,000 people in the stands. They were amazing." — Doc Rivers on fans returning to the arena

“I mean, listen, if you have a team with Kevin Durant, James Harden and Kyrie Irving, you better step on the court feeling good about yourself. But we don't give a sh-t about that. At the end of the day, they put their socks on and their shoes on just like us.” — Tristan Thompson on the Brooklyn Nets

"They put their socks on one sock at a time, just like us — unless they’re doing something tricky, putting two socks on, but I don’t think so." — Scott Brooks on the Philadelphia 76ers

​​"It's not like somebody did something to our Cheerios.” — Monty Williams on drawing LeBron James and the Lakers in the first round after finishing as the number-two seed

“He ain’t little Simba no more, he ready.” — Dwight Howard on teammate Joel Embiid

“I don’t want to use my hood slang, but these hands work.” — Bradley Beal on whether he was worried about fans running on the court during a playoff game

“Things happen sometimes.” — Robin Lopez on having a good game

"My big ass foot was on the line." — Kevin Durant after just barely stepping on the three-point line at the end of Game 7 against Milwaukee

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