NBA great Steve Nash stars in bizarre taco promo

Chris Zelkovich
Chris Zelkovich
NBA great Steve Nash recently starred in a strange ad for a California taco spot. (YouTube)

Steve Nash is known for a lot of things: a smooth jump shot honed during his stellar NBA career; his standing as the best basketball player ever produced by Canada; his incredible passing skills, among others.

Now you can add another attribute to his list: Whack-a-mole champion. Well, in this case, it’s Whac-A-Mole champion, and it’s all pretty fictitious and designed to promote a California taco spot. Regardless, as you’ll see, Nash can do a pretty good deadpan impression of a guy who’s devoted his life to whacking moles.

So what, you might be asking, is Nash doing in this bizarre bit of theatre in which he’s dressed up as a moleman? Well, apparently he did it for friends who are promoting Pacific Park in Santa Monica, which includes Whac-A-Mole tacos (get it, guacamole?)

Nash says he has no acting ambitions despite doing several other commercials, and is quite happy working as a consultant for the Golden State Warriors and helping Steph Curry improve his already fantastic game.

Too bad. The world could use more molemen.

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