NBA Finals, Game 1: How the Celtics clobbered the Mavericks

The Dallas Mavericks (50-32) and Boston Celtics (64-18) will square off in the 2024 NBA Finals.

The Celtics advanced to the finals by beating the Heat, Cavaliers and Pacers though all three teams had star players who were unavailable due to injury including Jimmy Butler, Tyreese Haliburton and Donovan Mitchell.

The Mavs faced a gauntlet starting with the Clippers before taking down the Thunder and the Timber Wolves defeating three 50-win teams on their way to the finals.

The Celtics dominated the Mavs in the first game of the NBA Finals winning 107-89 despite a great performance from Luka Doncic with 30 points, 10 rebounds and two steals. Only two other Dallas players scored in double figures.

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First Quarter

Al Horford, who started in place of Kristaps Porzingis, scored the game’s first basket off a baseline dunk. Celtics lead 2-0.

The Mavs lead 13-12 in the first quarter at the first timeout of the game and have held the Celtics to 2-of-8 shooting from three-point range. Kyrie Irving has gotten off to a good start, leading the Mavs with four first-quarter points. Mavs lead 13-12 with 6:58 remaining.

The Celtics went on an 8-0 run sandwiched between two Luka Doncic buckets including an incredibly difficult layup over multiple Boston defenders. Celtics lead 24-18 with 3:42 left in the quarter.

Porzingis returned in his first game since Boston’s opening-round series against the Miami Heat and has looked sharp in his return with eight first-quarter points. Celtics lead 28-18 with 2:20 remaining.

The Celtics ended the quarter on a 23-5 run over the final six minutes and took a commanding 17-point lead heading into the second quarter. Porzingis led the Celtics with 11 first-quarter points and two blocks. Celtics lead 37-20 at the end of the quarter.

Second Quarter

After starting 2-of-8 from three the Celtics have caught fire from outside going 6-of-11 since with a thunderous Jaylen Brown dunk thrown in. Celtics lead 44-27 with 8:15 remaining.

Porzingis has 15 first-half points and the Mavs are reeling, down 21 points in the second quarter. Celtics lead 48-27 with 6:29 left.

The Mavs offense is out of sorts with Doncic and Irving shooting 7-of-19 and four second-quarter turnovers. Celtics lead 58-33 with 2:50 remaining.

Doncic hits a step-back three for his 17th point of the game but the Mavs still trail by 21 points at halftime. Celtics lead 63-42 at halftime.

Halftime stat check

MAVS: Luka Doncic has shot 7-of-14 for 17 points with four rebounds, three turnovers and one assist; Kyrie Irving has shot 3-of-9 with six points with one rebound and two assists.

CELTICS: Kristaps Porzingis has shot 7-of-9 for 18 points with two blocks and three rebounds; Jayson Tatum has shot 3-of-8 for eight points with six rebounds and three assists.

The Mavs have shot 3-of-13 from three-point range while the Celtics have shot 11-of-27.

Third Quarter

Boston and Dallas have traded buckets at the beginning of the third quarter with the Celtics advantage beginning to dwindle. Celtics lead 68-50 with 7:42 left in the quarter.

The Mavs have outscored the Celtics 22-9 in the third quarter as Doncic has continued to shoot the ball well leading all scorers with 27 points. Celtics lead 72-64 with 4:27 remaining.

The Celtics responded with an 8-0 run, punctuated by a Tatum three, of their own to push the lead back to 16. Celtics lead 80-64 with 1:51 left in the quarter.

The Celtics end the quarter with a flurry of makes and stellar defensive play and pushed their lead back to 20 points. Celtics lead 86-66 at the end of the quarter.

Fourth Quarter

Luka Doncic has been masterful in game one with 30 points, 10 rebounds and two steals and has kept the Mavs in striking distance. Celtics lead Mavs 90-71 with 9:11 left in the game.

The Mavs bench has only scored six points in the game to Boston’s 26 and the Celtics are up big with time dwindling in the fourth quarter. Celtics lead 96-75 with 6:09 remaining.

The Mavs have pulled their starters and Doncic and Irving’s night seems to be over down more than 20 points. The Celtics lead 100-78 with 4:08 remaining.

Celtics cruise to victory beating the Mavs 107-89 in game 1 of the NBA Finals.

How to watch

The game will be played at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday at TD Garden, air on ABC, and can be watched on the ESPN website or app.

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