Nate Diaz fires back at ‘b*tch’ Daniel Cormier with crying meme in response to UFC 306 criticism

Daniel Cormier had a feeling Nate Diaz would get mad for being critical of this stage of his career – and he was right.

Earlier this week, Cormier released a video on his YouTube channel expressing that he wasn’t keen on Diaz returning to the octagon to headline UFC 306, which the promotion has earmarked as its highly anticipated “Noche UFC” event at the Sphere in Las Vegas. Cormier’s words were in response to a Diaz social media post in which he hinted at wanting to fight at UFC 306.

“While the name value is exciting, Nate Diaz the fighter isn’t that guy anymore,” Cormier said. “He’ll get mad at me, and he might say something to me when I see him. I don’t know, I don’t really care. But we have to tell the truth. This isn’t the guy that beat Conor the first time. Nate has had moments. Against Leon Edwards, he had a moment. But outside of that, he got beat on the whole time.”

Diaz didn’t wait to see Cormier to let him know what he thinks as he posted a meme on X of Cormier crying and calling him a “b*tch” and “not a fighter.”

Cormier did express that he would like to see Diaz compete at UFC 306, only that he would take umbrage with a headlining spot for the 38-year-old who most recently lost a boxing match to Jake Paul last August.

“Will I watch him on the pay-per-view card? Absolutely,” Cormier said. “… But to be the headliner, with all these great fighters that are deserving of that spot? I don’t think so. I don’t need to see that.”

Diaz fought out his contract in September 2022, when he beat Ferguson at UFC 279, a left the UFC shortly after. His only fight since his departure was the boxing match against Paul.

Should Diaz want to return to the octagon, UFC CEO Dana White has said the door is open anytime he’d like.

UPDATE: Cormier issued a response to Diaz calling him “a b*tch” and “not a fighter.”

Story originally appeared on MMA Junkie