Nat Sciver-Brunt reveals she missed T20 to undergo egg-freezing treatment

Nat Sciver-Brunt has revealed she missed England’s T20 match against Pakistan on May 11 to undergo egg-freezing treatment.

Sciver-Brunt, 31, who has been married to former England international Katherine Sciver-Brunt since 2022, plans to start a family in the future.

“Katherine and myself would love to start a family but I’d also love to keep playing cricket,” Nat Sciver-Brunt said on the Under The Lid podcast.

England’s Nat Sciver-Brunt in action in September 2023
England’s Nat Sciver-Brunt in action in September 2023 (Joe Giddens/PA)

“In the period between getting back from New Zealand and this tour starting, I thought it was a great time for me to go through the egg-freezing process, creating embryos and whacking them in the freezer for future years.”

Both Katherine and Nat Sciver-Brunt said they hoped to carry babies.

Katherine Sciver-Brunt added on the podcast: “For me it feels like I need to go now, that’s different for me. Nat very much wants to go to the Olympics in 2028. So freezing them now and having some really good healthy eggs to come back to rather than tapping into a 36-year-old’s eggs, why not have younger ones?

“It’s a really great thing to be able to have the choice because it’s not cheap and it’s very invasive. But if you can do it, then it’s a great thing to do because it puts your mind at ease and it doesn’t put you under pressure to have to stop. You can concentrate on doing the thing you love to the best of your ability.”