NASA wants to use your cellphones to help identify UFOs

NASA wants to use your cellphones to help identify UFOs
  • NASA wants your help to identify UFOs and UAPs.

  • NASA and federal officials said "imagery from smartphones is of limited value" to pin down UFOs.

  • But crowd-sourcing data from those who spot unusual phenomena could help.

NASA has a potential new method for researching UFOs — and they need your smartphone data.

The All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office — a portion of the US Office of the Secretary of Defense — recommended NASA use "unclassified crowd-sourced data" to collect information on potential sightings. This includes photos and videos taken of possible UFOs or other anomalies, AARO director Sean M. Kirkpatrick said on Wednesday.

While NASA and AARO proposed the crowd-sourcing method, they also hedged that "imagery from smartphones is of limited value given the resolution of the cameras."

But NASA could take the lead on evaluating the data or creating a prescribed format for submitting data to detect UFOs or UAPs — unidentified anomalous phenomena — Kirkpatrick said.

NASA's independent task force studying UAPs has been active since September 2022. Wednesday was the first time the agency has presented any results from its UFO research to the public.

NASA and the AARO said researchers need better, more reliable data to help categorize and identify what's behind strange sightings when they're reported in the sky.

During the meeting, Kirkpatrick also said the AARO is researching how AI could help in studying, reporting, and identifying UFOs

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