The All33 Backstrong desk chair loved by Justin Bieber and Tom Hanks is $400 off right now

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If your 2022 resolution is to finally upgrade your home office sitch, then you need to invest in a good chair.

As you're scrolling through hundreds of options online, there's one important thing to keep in mind and that's lumbar support. You'll want to ensure that the chair helps support the natural S-curve of your back, according to an article on ergonomic workstations in The New York Times.

When CEO Bing Howenstein created All33 (the retailer behind the "world's only office chair to allow natural movement"), he knew he was on the right path to creating a comfortable desk chair.

The All33 Backstrong desk chair was selected from 15+ prototypes with over 1,000 people testing each one. The final product helps improve your posture and reduces back pain. And the best part is, it's on sale right now for $400 off the original price.

Hurry because this sale definitely won't last forever — and your back needs help.

BackStrong C1 Fabric, $799 (Orig. $1,199)


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If you're wondering how the chair "moves with you," All33's Sit In Motion technology helps "cradle your lower back to relieve crucial pressure points throughout your spine and body," according to the chair's product description.

As you sit in the chair, it's designed to move as you move. This means it can help stimulate circulation after long periods of sitting and can also reduce neck and shoulder strain. The rocking bucket-type seat allows your pelvis and back to move more naturally than other chairs with a static back.

The foldable arms are one of the chair's best features. They allow you to move as close to your desk as necessary to cut down on eye strain and slouching.

Howenstein pitched the All33 Backstrong desk chair to the Sharks on ABC's series Shark Tank on Jan. 8, 2021, and Justin Bieber himself made a surprise appearance praising the Backstrong. Ultimately he said, "If you've gotta sit, this is it."

After a convincing pitch and Bieber's endorsement, surprisingly none of the Sharks ended up offering Howenstein a deal. However, the chair sold out almost instantly after the episode aired — All33 quickly sold $1.7 million worth of Backstrong chairs thanks to its TV coverage, according to a PR representative from the brand.

Now, tens of thousands of customers are enjoying the All33 Backstrong desk chair. And how could you blame them, especially if the Biebs is a fan?

While it was the fabric option that sold out immediately after the show, the Backstrong is also available in vegan leather. Each chair style comes in three color options, too.

BackStrong C1 Vegan Leather, $799 (Orig. $1,199)


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Looking at the price (even if it is on sale!), you'll see it's definitely steep for an office chair. While some customers were initially skeptical, they were convinced once they tested out the chair. Shoppers say it's worth the investment if you need a good quality chair for a makeshift work area at home.

"The silly bucket on the Backstrong isn’t so silly, after all," one shopper said. "For the first time in years, I can feel my vertebrate move (while I'm sitting, no less), at times like I’m having a minor adjustment. The real secret, I think, is that there is no chair — just air — where your tailbone is. That results in zero pressure."

The shopper further explained the benefits of the special bucket seat, citing that it's similar to "rocking pelvis exercises you might do while on your back." Plus, having the bucket seat essentially makes the chair slouch-proof.

"This is a serious chair with the added benefit of being able to rock your pelvis as you sit, so your lower spine doesn’t get stuck," the shopper continued. "The best news, I’m no longer stiff when I stand after hours of sitting. Certain pains have disappeared or have been minimized."

Still wary about the price? All33 offers a 60-day guarantee, so you can send the chair back for a full refund if you don't like it after trying it for yourself.

If you've been contemplating swapping out your office chair for months (no shade), the All33 might be a good option to explore. And if you want to see the chair in action, be sure to watch the full video above.

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